Which iMac is better for me?

I'm a university student on my last year and I'm considering buying an iMac. It's going to be my first ever Mac. I'm a part time online tutor (skype and extreme multi-window browsing and multi-tasking) and I need statistical tools (SPSS) for my research studies. In addition, I need word processing and presentation tools too and on top of that I'm a movie and music buff and I also like to play video games every now and then.

I already have a netbook which I carry around with me most of the time, but it just doesn't have the space and the power to do the multitude of things that I need and want. I'm not really looking for a laptop. I love my netbook all the same(even if its slow at times, its the sentimental value).

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  • An iMac would be work fine. For what you are running, the standard 8GB of memory is fine, but if you can afford it, get the 16GB. Additionally, if you can afford the 1TB Fusion hard drive, it is worth it.

    If you cannot afford the iMac, look at a Mac Mini. This can save you as well and will offer you more than enough compute power. I priced out an i7 Mac Mini, 8GB ram, 256GB Solid state HD, 24" Samsung Monitor and web cam for $1150.

    Look in the refurbished area. Refurbs offer a great savings. Not only are these systems marked down, they are double-checked and have the same warranty. You will not be sorry.

    In short, I would shoot for the iMac if it is in your budget.

    • Answered by Scott P from Lynchburg
    • Apr 6, 2013