Which is better for a Music Technology student, iMac 21.5" or Macbook Pro 15"?

I will be using Logic, Pro Tools, and Final Cut Pro and probably other similar programs, as well as your usual day to day internet use, word and power point programs. It is not essential for me to carry it around, as the Uni has plenty of iMacs. Just not sure which one is best for me!

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  • I use MOTU Digital Performer on a imac 21.5, and with the available screen space it is a joy. Just couldn't think of how cramped my style would be if I had to do the same thing with a lap top. The speed is not a problem because I got mine with a 7200 rpm hard drive which I think is a must ( more HD speed - more track playback, regardless of processor speed) , or if you have a choice get the ram based HD, its even faster yet. I record intensively everyday with it and I'm very satisfied, its my first imac after 3 mac pro's and I have no qualms. To listen to a project done with it google Pete Wagula, and go to his web page and give a listen. Recorded with mostly Rode NTK's and Bule Dragonfly mics and MOTU I/O. I find this unit Fast and reliable.

    • Answered by Gregory P. B
    • Nov 3, 2012