Which mac for heavy video editing media student?

I am at university studying Media and English. I love media production and hope to pursue a masters in this area. I need a mac that won't crash when editing video to a professional level. Which mac is right for me. Looking at Macbook Pro - but what specs? Will the screen be big enough for editing? Can I attach a bigger monitor easily? - I don't want to be buying add ons forever. I know an imac or mac pro would probably be an ideal, but as a student, portability is pretty important. (eh and price) Advice welcome!!

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    I think Macbook Pro's would work just fine but the screen size can be a problem. I would suggest the one I'm currently saving up for; a 27" iMac with an i7 processor, 8GB of ram, 1TB SATA hard drive and a 1GB graphics card. This way you get everything that is necessary for a powerful editing computer, and a little bit more for optimum performance to make sure it never fails and always runs smoothly. Yes, it's quite expensive and is not portable but after a student discount it's £1776 (not sure in dollars) and I'd much prefer to be able to create top quality projects without lag rather than have portability but that's just me. Unfortunately I do not have experience with this specific iMac but have done a lot of research. I hope this helped :)

    • Answered by Brendon H
    • Aug 31, 2012
  • with all the Macbooks you need a adapter unless it is a apple display

    • Answered by Nick G from Baileyville
    • Nov 10, 2012