which mac should i get ?!

I have recently started my first year at art college studying fine art, i am looking to get a new laptop, and a mac has always been recomended to me , the problum is i dont know which one to get, i will need one for using things from photoshop ,making videos , typing up essays, powerpoints, to surfing the internet. i think i would like one which has alot of memory space as i would like to put all of my music onto it (itunes library) or should i buy an external hardrive for that ? im not a big gamer but i would like the sims 3 to run nice and smoothly and i would like it to be quick overall, please help! what mac should i be looking at here ? thanks !

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    I would have to recommend the 13" Macbook Air. At lower cost than a usual Macbook Pro, they perform very well indeed. Sims 3 should run fast, and making videos and editing photos will be flawless.

    I do suggest upgrading the memory (RAM) to 8 GB. This will allow more breathing room for your programs.

    As far as storage goes, you should stick with 256 GB. If you think you'll be saving lots and lots of big files and papers, then upgrade it to 512 GB.

    Lastly, keep the CPU at an Intel Core i5. It'll give you more than your necessary performance without spending extra money.

    Your welcome!

    • Answered by Mike F
    • Nov 4, 2013