Which one is better? Macbook pro or Macbook Air

I'm a designer.

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    As a designer, I assume you'll be using some fairly heavy graphical programs. The MacBook Air is great for portability, but it really isn't the best for heavier work. The Pro is really your best option, as it can handle the demand (particularly the 15 or 17 inch models with their graphics cards).

    • Answered by Josh T from Ottawa
    • May 11, 2012
  • I was having the same debate 6 months ago,when my Trusted Dell broke down after 6 long years of service.I use an iphone and ipad -synced over the air with an apple tv,and I was pretty impressed with the capabilites Apple products can do.So i went down to my local apple store (lakeside-Essex) and did some research with the so called "Genius" guys.I was quite disappointed as there was lot of wrong info given to me at that time and they would argue with you..until I decided to google the facts in front of them.
    Anyway... it works out that If you want just the Apple brand,and use it for light computing needs....Youtube,Some music,Picture editing (not heavy processing) and the ultra-light portable feel of a uber cool net book...the Macbook Air is the one to go for.Storage is limited,memory is enough I would say...but it looks like a super model.
    The Macbook Pro is a genuine guy,proper Hard disk,lots of memory and processing power.
    So its basically your needs..and the price component is marginal... BTW i bought the Macbook pro with retina display ;)

    • Answered by Mithun T
    • Aug 30, 2013