why is my new 2017 imac dated 2015

I just brought my new 20.5-inch imac home from store and it says it's a 2015 model - how is this possible? Will it be able to handle upgrades?

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  • Hey Ann,

    I wondered the same thing. I bought an iMac in 2017 and it shows a date of "Late 2015", so I contacted Apple and they said that that was the last iMac update and it is not my machine's actual manufacturing date. BTW I upgraded all the hardware in my machine--ram, CPU, video card, and storage. Also, it seems like Apple has been making their OS backwards compatible, at least for now. I had a 2009 iMac and I was able to install Snow Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Maverick, and Sierra.

    Tim M

    • Answered by Timothy M from Modesto
    • May 5, 2017