Technical network question: can I use the Express with my current Airport Extreme, as a repeater with printer connected?

I currently have an airport extreme, which is very good at getting range throughout my very long unit (about 30 meters.)

I have my TV, XBOX, PC down one end.. and my iMac is down the other end. I had the Extreme set up in the middle of the house. So it turns out, my xbox360 along with the NBA App wont give me HD unless its plugged in, even if the wireless Extreme unit is sitting 5 inches away from the XBOX360 (I tested this). Highlights work fine, but actual games - na.

So I though I would move the extreme in the room with the XBOX 360 etc in it..

Anyway, surprisingly, down the other end of the house, the iMac works on the internet fine! The iPhone 5 also works well.(checked with speediest and can confirm that the iphone lost less than 10% at the end of the house! impressive :-) ) BUT when I look at the iMac network connection, it says the transmit signal is only 27 down from around 217. The internet is fine, but youtube has taken a hit.

My dilemma then, is that I need the printer connected to a wireless device so everything including our laptops can print. I also would not mind extending the range back out for the iMac.

So I am considering the Express to put in the middle of the house.


1) If I have my modem plugged into the extreme, I assume I can use the express as an extender?

2) Can I plug the printer into the Extender, or in this case, the little express which will be used as an extender?

I sort of dont want the printer near the TV due to room issues, and would like to bring back the super quickness of the internet to the iMac.. Im not so fussed about the internet for the iMac, as its only YouTube which has taken a hit, everything else works great, which is amazing at such a long range. (almost 100 feet)

  • Asked by fn from Mosman
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AirPort Express

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  • Have you tried using the Express to fix your NBA HD issue and still keep Extreme in the middle of your place? you'll only have to connect the printer directly into the Extreme's USB port which is best for printers.

    • Answered by Juan R from Inwood