the new airport time capsule, is it as well an external hard drive?

  • Asked by fn from Glastonbury
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    Yes, I will even say better. The actual hardware its self is the same thing your normal external seagate or western digital would have without the wifi of course. Hard drives companies like Seagate and WD make their versions of Network Attached Storage (NAS) but aren't as user friendly as most would like. I have owned a Apple 2TB Time Capsule for quiet some time and wouldn't ever go back to anything else. I still use regular external hard drives for odd and end things but mainly use my Time Capsule. Being able to wireless transfer data and storage option for multiple devices is the amazing thing about it.

    Hope this helps!

    • Answered by Tyler H from Mayfield
  • You can use it like that, yes. If you enable iCloud on this device, you can even access it from the internet while not being at home. I managed to have it stream video to my iOS devices via an app on my Mac and my iOS device - accessible over cellular.

    • Answered by Dominic B from Hannover
  • This is a hard-drive and wireless router all-in-one. You can add an additional external drive via USB or add a printer. There is only one USB slot and it's for either.

    • Answered by Mark K from Gatineau
  • No. You can't hook up the usb port on the time capsule to your mac and use it as a 2TB hard drive.
    The only way to save data to the hard drive in the time capsule is over your wireless/wired network.
    It's really just intended to make backups via time machine.
    You can hang a USB drive off the time capsule and then access that drive over the network to save music, photos, etc but a drive connected to the time capsule via its usb port will not be backed up with time machine.

    • Answered by Mike G from San Francisco