what does the airport express do I want to know?

I might get one but I dont know what it does so that is why I asked this quetion

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

Product No Longer Available

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  • It is basically a small router that provides a firewall to protect your local area network from hackers on the internet. Your private IP address for you computer devices is protected by the router substituting a public IP address for it and filtering out harmful packets from those that are good packets (simplified explanation).

    It more specifically is a wireless router because it also provides wireless connections to your local wireless devices such as a mac book, iPad or iPhone.

    It requires an internet or wide area network connection provided by an internet service provided (ISP) through a modem and wired connection. There are service fees for the internet connection and a modem (e..g, a cable modem) needs to be purchased. Generally, using data over your internet service provider is faster and less expensive than using data over a cell phone provider. Generally cell phone providers provide a measured service of data while ISPs provide a monthly unmeasured service of data. You can watch movies over the internet with your ISP without any throttling of speed of data. Watching movies over your cell phone connection can be an expensive proposition.

    It is small and lower in costs than Apple's airport extreme making it more portable for mobile use as well. You can take it with you and use it in hotel rooms to set up a wifi hotspot (local area network) in your own hotel room.

    Apple's routers generally provide improved connectivity to their own devices iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Apple macbook computers.
    For example AirTunes is available.