what is a airport extreme/express. Does it make wifi faster, if so would it work with a clear in home wireless router

  • Asked by fn from Arlington
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    They are routers and from what I understand the ExTREME is just a more full featured (it has more options and features) version of the ExPRESS. The big brother as it were.

    It will only make the WiFi faster if your devices have the same speed rating as the router. If your computer/devices are "N" rated and your old router was only "G" rated then, Yes, they will make your WiFi faster because your devices can now go at the fastest rated capacity it has.
    If you only have "G" speed rated devices/computers and buy the new ultra high speed "AC" rated router your WiFi will still drop to "G" speeds. You need to know the rated speed of EACH device to get the most speed out of them.
    If you plan on updating your computer in the near future and you need another router then getting the Extreme or Express will work fine.

    You do not need two routers, they won't work well together if they are both setup as gateways.
    Turn the ClearHome router off if it's slower then your new one. If your updating to a faster N-AC router and your ClearHome router is a combination modem/router you MAY be able to turn the router part off and just use the modem part as a stand alone modem.

    No router will make your INTERNET faster, it's controlled completely buy your ISP.

    • Answered by Jay B from Longview