What sort of Memory is used in this device, and how much is MAX at HD 1080?

Does it take cards? What sort? Preferred speed and if the men is internal, will it have the space for a full hour of 1080?

Parrot Bebop 2 Power Drone FPV Pack

Parrot Bebop 2 Power Drone FPV Pack

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    Bebop 2 POWER - Love it !!! It has 8 GB of internal storage but only 7.02 GB is usable. - No cards - I KNOW if you set it at 1080p on the lower setting of STANDARD at 30fps a 6-7 min video will take up around 1GB of storage. At 1080p on the HIGH setting at 30fps around a 4-5 min video will also take up around 1 GB of storage. I mostly shoot on the STANDARD setting it takes up less space and video still looks great. I have had my Bebop 2 POWER drone since Dec 2017, 550+ flights. I fly it mostly with the iPad mini 4, and sometimes the Samsung S4 phone. Both connect up very well. If you fly it around 10-15 mph and keep it moving you can achieve 25 min of flight. For an extra $20.00 fee you can get FLIGHT PLAN. where you set up waypoints on a map at different speeds & altitudes, point of interest (POI) , pause, set different camera angles at waypoints and much more. FLIGHT PLAN flys autonomously thru GPS signal. which means even after you lose total FPV signal (WIFI) on your tablet/phone the Bebop will continue its flight till completion. FLIGHT PLAN will also let you fly much, much further than you can manually. But I would still keep your Flight Plan flights/videos under 12 min so you will have at least 40-50% battery life left when the Bebop returns. Thanks for reading

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    It has 8 GB internal flash memory