would the airport extreme replace a lynksys router

We live in an apartment that is 180 square meters, and currently re using a lynksys router. I was reading about the Airport Extreme and was wondering if I can replace the router. Currently the signal comes and goes and it is difficult in certain areas of the apartment

We have an ethernet connection with the internet supplier at 25 mg speed. How will this product improve what we already have?

  • Asked by fn from Miami
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    I just had a Cisco Linksys 4500 that was acting up and I wanted to hookup an airport express to it to airplay music. Well the Linksys is getting replaced because it can't keep up wit the Apple products. I temporarily am using the airport express as THE router and it blows away the coverages that I had and the speed... I am going to purchase an airport extreme for the main router now- and use the airport express on a remote stereo, as it will also extend the network as well.

    • Answered by Gregg M from Manahawkin
  • You should be able to replace your current router with this Airport Extreme. Just hook it up to your cable modem and activate using Airport Utility in your Utilities folder found in Applications (assuming you have a Mac computer that's running at least OSX 10.7.5 and Airport Utility 1.3). My download speeds improved significantly switching from the previous Airport Extreme to this model.

    • Answered by Daniel T from Redlands