What’s the main difference between composite back and ceramic back ?

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    Hey~ not sure if you're still looking for this answer, but while looking for the same thing, I ran into a couple of threads that provided some insight.
    Do a keyword search for reddit the_composite_back_on_my_s0_sport_vs_the_ceramic this person posts a picture of the backs of both.

    There is also this older macrumors thread which contains great info. I can't seem to post links, so search for macrumors and ceramic-vs-composite-any-real-benefit

    The long and short of that macrumors post:
    The poster is referring tot he composite: Plastic is the most minimalist material you can make a lens out of. While they may last for many years it is still just plastic.

    In regards to the ceramic and the sapphire crystal: Sapphire is the 2ed hardest material known and a ceramic coating will not wear through for MANY decades if ever. It is also heat, acid (sweat is very acidic and can eat into plastic), corrosion and water resistant.What I'm saying is the ceramic coated sapphire sensor is built to last a lifetime.

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