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    Worst Thunder Cable ever!!!!!1 DO NOT BUY IT!!!

    • Written by Ou K from Taipei City

    Worst Thunder Cable ever!!!!!PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT!!!

    The cable will stop Working with no thing happen to it !!

    go goole this Cable you will find the cable will waste you big money!!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Do not buy these cables

    • Written by Ryan F from Toronto

    Believe the massive amount of bad reviews.
    My facility has 6 remote Mac Pro's using one 100' optical thunderbolt cable each. I have to replace them about every 10 months to a year. They over heat. Corning's solution was to run MaxFan fan controller to keep the fans running high all the time hence cooling the thunderbolt connector. I literally had a call today from a random guy that deals with the same vender as I do asking if I had a spare one as he was dead in the water. Here in Canada they are about a week away.
    My suggestion is to use standard KVM's and extenders.

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    aargh... wish I hadn't got one.

    • Written by Matt M from Plympton

    I really really liked the idea of being able to relocate my drive bay to another part of the room for some peace and quiet, so I thought I would get the 18 ft./5.5 m Optical Cable by Corning.
    It worked a treat for about a year or so then my drives started randomly ejecting. I would literally go out to get a coffee and come back to a long notifications list telling me the disks weren't ejected properly.

    I can go a few weeks without this happening and think that everything is all good once more... then pow... it all starts again.

    Buyer beware.

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    Believe the reviews, they fail.

    • Written by Arran C from ottawa

    Odd failure mode, they seem to start losing signal integrity. High lag on peripherals connected through them, screens will start flashing. Don't have diagnostic equipment to determine root cause, but swapping out like for like with another cable cured the issue.

    This happened to the first within 6 months, and another purchased at the same time (which wasn't used until recently) has also started to exhibit the same symptoms.

    Ends are not replaceable, which means you have to pull the cable out of its run to replace. Pretty terrible design IMHO.

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    • Written by Michael W from Etobicoke

    I had the same experience as Craig V - only my failure rate was 100% - one cable - completely failed resulting in lost backups - ugh. No warnings or error messages - just the Pegasus drive going off line - easy to miss when its sole purpose is backup. Trouble shooting was difficult - I thought the problem was with my drive...after all - how could a simple cable fail. Trial and error replacing the Corning cable with a too short Apple cable solved the problem. These things are really expensive - $230 for 18 feet. a waste of money.

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    Perfect for MacBook Pro

    • Written by Vishal S from Hayes

    Having purchased an external Thunderbolt 2 harddrive I also acquired an Apple Thunderbolt cable to go along with it. Unfortunately, the cable connector did not fit flushly in my late 2013 Macbook Pro Thunderbolt port and also would disconnect intermittently while the MacBook was balanced on my lap, in part due to the stiffness of the cable wiring. That was particularly troublesome when accessing and manipulating data, needless to say.

    The Corning Optical cable meets my needs fully. Its connector fits flushly, it does not disconnect when in use as the cable itself is supple with a lot give. It also provides sufficient length to place the external harddrive further away than 2m which benefits me as I feel I have more freedom of movement. Not to mention it is blindingly fast too, recommended.

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    Fail, fail, fail, fail.

    • Written by Craig V from Vancouver

    We purchased 9 of these and 3 were DOA. A fourth died after a week. So that's a 44% failure rate on a product manufactured by the inventors of fibre optic technology - Corning.

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    Really awesome!

    • Written by Samar S from London

    This cable supersedes the max. length of copper thunderbolt cable. Its really a good medium to transfer data for a relatively long distance at high speeds, but its quite expensive and is unable to transmit power (because its an optic cable).

    Overall its a good product for a specific use case.

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    • Written by marc andre D from toronto

    once plugged in, the cable wiggles and can actually be pulled out quite easily. tried both ends and yet still, both ends are quite loose. even tried it on my other mac - still loose. ugh - don't they test these things?

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