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    4K at 30Hz only

    • Written by Roger D from Aurora

    I just purchased this cable, but unfortunately I'll be returning it. I was hoping to get HDMI2.0 3840x2160 @ 60Hz since it's converting from displayPort. This doesn't seem to be the case though. I max out at 30Hz (and I have the latest 1TB Macbook Pro 15" - as of May 2016).

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    This is Junk

    • Written by Christopher B from McKinnon

    I purchased this to allow me to plug my old 13" late 2011 MacBook Pro into a new monitor. Seemed to work at fist but the signal would drop out occasionally. After a while it failed more often than it worked. I recently purchased a replacement from another manufacturer for $12 which has worked without a problem. Simply don't purchase this, look elsewhere.

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    Found better on amazon.

    • Written by Shae S from Spruce Grove

    I purchased this for my 2012 MacBook Pro in about 2014. From the first time I used it there was glitches. Sound wouldn’t come through the tv, it would freeze, restart my computer, the image would flicker or not be the correct ratio. But it worked reliably enough for me to hang onto it for 5 years. Ultimately it wouldn’t work unless I was holding it at a certain angle in the port, and the screen was pixelating terribly. I went on amazon, found one from amazon’s brand, “amazon basics” for $10. I’ve used it for a couple months now and have had not one issue with the image or quality. I would recommend the amazon brand over the belkin one for price and quality any day.