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    Love 'em

    We use five of these mics hooked up to iPod touches in our daily video production workflow. Using the free app, you can use any iOS device to remotely trigger recording/stops. More importantly, you can both monitor and increase levels for multiple channels.

    The huge upside for us of these compared to wireless lavs are that there's zero radio interference (pops, hiss, crackle). You'll never have to tell everyone on set to "please turn all your cell phones to airplane mode" because of radio interference – the files record directly to each iOS device!

    The audio it produces sounds extremely pure with moderately robust waveforms. You'll need to pay an additional $15 or so in the app to unlock unlimited recording time, but believe me, in the long run it feels like it's free with all the time it'll save you from retakes and post production hiss-remove you no longer have to do.

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