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    Does not work correctly with High Sierra

    • Written by Jürgen H from Sindelfingen

    I have been using an infrared camera by the company Orin for 4 years with the name Head Mouse Extreme.
    However, with a third party software called keystrokes by the company AssistivWare.
The component has worked quite well so far.

    Since Apple from the new OS X in fall 2018 no longer supports 32 bit software like keystrokes, the company AssistiveWare has also discontinued the further development of its software.
    The reason for this is Apple's specially developed accessibility software called „Switch Control and Accessibility Keyboard“.

    However, this software does not work with the head mouse extreme nor with the AbleNet tracker per mouse offered here.
    It is also worth mentioning that the mouse pointer with the Tracker Pro camera only responds very time-delayed. Unfortunately this is not adjustable. Still on the camera still in the menu „mouse". This is not the case with the Head Mouse Extreme camera.

    Error: Screen Windows cannot be moved. The selected Windows only briefly twitch. A correct move is therefore not possible. It is also not possible to move objects to other locations.

    Interestingly, the error does not occur when using the on-screen keyboard in conjunction with a hardware mouse.

    I can therefore not recommend buying one of these two cameras in conjunction with it's internal accessibility software from the current OS X (High Sierra).

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