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    Fast Charge on my iPhone 7 Plus

    ordered from the apple store app on my 7 Plus (jet black :>] and noticed right off the bat on first charge how much quicker it charged than standard wall charger. It does iPad and iPhone... Apple had an KB article way back that said the iPad charger was fine for charging as they have chips in them that don't allow over charging.
    This Belkin Charger is equipped with same chip and is certified MFi which for my money is the only way to go. I prefer using the Apple USB>Lightning Cable which this is made for.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Comes as advertised!

    I recently bought this car charger and am really glad I did! It charges your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch very fast and allows you to get a fast and efficient charge on your way home, to work, or everywhere else (even if it is a short trip). Would definitely recommend this!

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