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    Who knows?

    Purchased this drive on the same day I picked up a new 15" MBP w/TouchBar. The drive caused my computer to crash whenever I plugged it in, so I can't yet review whether or not the drive is any good... After texting with Apple's very helpful support people, I tried to plug the drive into my desktop Mac using the USB-A cable that came with the drive and it worked. Then I plugged the drive into my MBP using the USB-A cable with an Apple USB-C to USB-A adapter and it seems to be working. Ergo, the USB-C cable was defective out of the box. Never get those few hours back. Thanks Seagate!

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    Great Drive, Awful Cables, Horrid Customer Service

    I purchased this drive in early June of 2016, to use as a Time Machine backup for my MacBook. It was one of the only USB-C drives out on the market, so there aren't many choices. The drive itself is super-slick in appearance, and as of now (two months later), it is still doing what it's supposed to do. After ONE use of both the USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB cables, however, the cables stopped working. Imagine my surprise when I tried plugging the drive in on my second day of ownership, and it appeared as if the drive stopped working!

    I contacted LaCie support, and they were prompt in response. They said:

    "This is regarding the concern which you reported us about your drive. We understand that your facing some issue with USB - C cable and you want to replace the cable. Please be informed that Seagate does not replace accessories separately. Hence, we request you to contact any e-commerce websites or any third party electronics shops to buy the cable and try connecting the drive with new one."

    I told them how unhappy I was about a one-use "accessory" that would cost at least another $20 to replace. They said they would forward my feedback... and that's the last I heard from it.

    If you're thinking about buying this drive, then be prepared to buy a new cable. In fact, just buy a cable when you buy the drive, it'll save you some time.

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    Works pretty well.. USB-C cable already broken

    I've had this drive for no longer than 3 days and the USB-C to USB-C cable already doesn't transfer data or even show up when plugged in. I bought this for my Macbook so its not good. Called up LaCie and they said that they couldn't do anything because they didn't have the cable in stock yet. Thanks. So now its off to amazon to return it and buy yet another one. Yay.

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