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    Bad Fit

    I purchased the new Apple Keyboard with numeric key pad in June, 2017. This cover does not fit this keyboard.

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    Wears out after a while

    I bought this 6 months ago because my keyboard lettering was wearing off to the point where I couldn't see what key I was using. Using this cover was great for seeing the keys but it took some getting used to for typing. At times I wanted to take it off and go back to the old way of typing blind. I did get more used to typing after a while. Today, I removed the cover to see if it was in need of some cleaning and I noticed I had worn a few holes in the letters that I use most often. I don't know what is with my fingers. I have gone through 2 keyboards where the lettering got rubbed off and now the silicone cover is wearing out.

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    Not totally clear; is in QWERTY layout

    I just got this. I should have put 2 and 2 together from the 'XLPrint' description.

    PROS: it fits over the keyboard nicely, probably protects the keyboard well, has a smooth finish, and is probably excellent for people with low vision. The letters/symbols 'pop' out at you (if that is what you want).

    CONS: Other than revealing the aluminum keyboard base, it is NOT clear; each key's identity is printed above each key on the underside of the keyboard skin. So because I am a Dvorak user (not a QWERTY user), it doesn't tell me what key I am pressing. I mainly do touch-typing in Dvorak, but for the lesser used keys I do sometimes have to look. For me, I do have to press harder to get a key to respond; the touch is different for me. Maybe its because I am just getting used to the new keyboard. (I physically moved the individual keys on the keyboard to reflect the Dvorak layout.) Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see anything that mentions QWERTY specifically. But I should have guessed from the product description.

    I will probably continue to use it because of its protection. The photo on the back of the box shows a totally clear keyboard skin, suitable for any keyboard layout. Just to repeat myself, the keyboard skin is NOT totally clear.

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