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    Good but a large step backwards

    Last years model was the best powerbank ever. I did a ton of research, it was tied as the worlds best powerbank (specs wise). This year mophie have tried to cut the cost and cut out many features. Starting with charging speed. Three ports made me go WOW as soon as I saw it in store. However it has 2 ports at 2.1 amp and 1 port at 1amp. Last years model had two ports. One at 3amp and one at 2.6amp. These days 2.1amp is enough to charge only a iPad Air 2/ pro 9.7. Say goodbye to charging the 12.9 and MacBook. 2.1amp is too slow. The third 1amp port is a joke. Are we charging wireless headphones or powering a tiny wireless speaker? An iPhone 6 draws 1.2amp let alone a 6s/7/6s plus/7 plus with their larger batteries. Next up, Charing in. 1.5 amp input is a joke. Last years 10000 and 15000mah batteries had 1.8amp input but they supported 3amp input (though I had to pay another $40 for a 'special' charger. This years model is even larger and yet it charges in slower. According to my timing this takes over 14 hours to fully charge. It also lacks a smart recognition chip so my last years mophie powerbank only gave it 1.0amp. LOL. ALL the high speed charger over 12W use smart recognition. If this is recognised as requiring iPhone 5s charging speed then I am speechless. So I have to bring a separate 'unsmart' 10/12W charger with me just to charge this powerbank because mophie cut corners and removed the digital power management stuff. If all this doesn't matter to you then feel free to waste $160. If you only need it to charge you and your partners iPhones and maybe your kids iPod for a weeklong camping trip than this is for you. For power users like me this is hopeless.

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    Mophie Powerstation XXL Universal Battery

    Works well. Great for power outages. One thing needs to be changed in "What's in the Box" description. Mini USB cable is 9" (inches), not 9' (feet) as is listed. Not complaining, 9" cord much better for what this is. Just that it does need to be corrected.

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