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    Great but could be better

    It's been a while since mophie updated its power station plus lineup (they are the ones with built in cables). The last generation was (in my opinion) better (functionally) however it looked ugly as. This time they have removed the intergrated cable used to recharge the power station. During a day trip this wouldn't matter. Charge your power station overnight, bring it with you during the day (without messy cables) and charge your phone 2-3 times and charge the power station again at night. It's switch tip cable is nice but I don't have a micro USB set of headphones/speakers to charge during the day. Others may find the switch tip more useful than me. The downside is if I'm going on a longer holiday I need to remember a micro USB cable to recharge the power station as I'm a Apple user and I don't have another micro USB device.

    -Looks great, three colour choices to match your phone.
    -Intergrates lightning cable and micro USB (all you do is pull the lightning tip off to expose the micro usb tip)
    -Has extra USB port to charge my Apple Watch if I need it to.
    -Light and thin

    -Requires you to bring around an extra micro USB cable to recharge the power station. (A step backwards over last year's version.
    -Extra USB port only has only 2.1 amp. Not enough to charge a larger device. (My iPad Air 1st gen needs 2.4amps!).

    My recommendations are to make the extra USB port 2.4amps (in case you need to give your iPad a emergency boost) and to make recharging the power station through a lightning port instead of a micro USB or even better, give us two versions, a micro USB and a lighting one.

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