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    Beautiful Stand, but...

    • Written by Shawn H from Mississauga

    Albeit not as important, i must state that the packaging is top notch. The stand itself is beautiful and the rubber piece is very soft, so there's no worry of scratching or damaging your computer. With a naked MacBook Pro, it looks and fits perfect. However I am having to return mine for one simple reason. Because of the custom fitted rubber molds, my Moshi hardshell case on my 2017 15" MacBook Pro makes the thickness as such that none of the 3 molds properly fit. In one it doesn't fit at all (MacBook+case=too thick) and the other 2, there is too much of a gap and so the computer leans to one side. If you just touch it ever so slightly, the computer would tip and fall over causing a nasty accident (almost happened as i was testing). Also, I don't plan on using the computer in dock mode, so having it displayed closed isn't going to work for me.

    A side note: this stand is great for people who want to keep a really low profile and save desk space. But for someone like me who has plenty of desk space, i actually want a bigger, more prominent stand to display the MacBook in an open-shell manner.

    Hope this review helps.

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