• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Beware of battery loss when attached and sleeping

    • Written by Andrew B from Abu Dhabi

    I don’t know whether this is a common issue with the smart keyboards available for the pros, but if you’re going to sell a product as a close able protective case then you’d think that it wouldn’t drain too much battery when closed and in sleep mode. After only having my iPad 10.5 pro for a few days and Logitech’s keyboard, I’ve noticed significant drain when attached and sleeping. If I can’t confidently leave the keyboard attached to the iPad without significant drain when not in use then maybe this isn’t really fit for purpose - not sure whether this is a Logitech issue or Apple or both but needs looking at.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Keys not working, submitted 2nd warranty claim

    • Written by Juliana F from Bay Shore

    I'm on my first replacement since getting this originally. The original and the replacement both have defective keys. I just submitted my 2nd warranty claim. If it weren't for the defective keys, I'd give this 5 stars. The case is sturdy and does a great job of protecting my iPad. The battery life, when the keys all did work, was great. It's just the defective keys that are getting to be really frustrating.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    If it's FREE, there's a reason

    • Written by Sherryl N from Bellingham

    The Logitech Slim Combo with detachable keyboard was FREE when I purchased my iPad Pro quite some time ago. The fact that it was FREE should have been a clue! With my earlier iPads I purchased a Zagg (so poorly designed it broke the glass at lower corner) then a Belkin keyboard that worked fine. By comparison, this Logitech is FAR HEAVIER, and adding to the weight of the iPad Pro I'm less likely to carry it around. The detachable keyboard is useful, but tricky to attach completely. I'd love a lighter weight version of keyboard and cover, but have yet to find any I'm willing to purchase.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    So hopeful but disappointed in the end

    • Written by Julie H from New York

    I am so upset about my Logitech slim case. I went to the apple store and bought the latest iPad, not realizing that it was 10.5 and not 9.7. I was desperate to get the Create. It is sturdy, and protects the pen inside the case. It was such a disappointment to get the slim. I have already lost my pen cap because anything that knocks the case can cause the unprotected pen to come loose. THe loose connection between the iPad and the keyboard is so frustrating also because it makes it hard to work with the iPad on your lap, it simply isn’t sturdy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THE CREATE FOR THE 10.5! At the moment I am considering downgrading my iPad so I can get a decent case.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Very disappointed

    • Written by Matthew S from Troy

    First off, it’s pretty bulky. But I wanted a keyboard that had a spot for my Apple Pencil. The two biggest drawbacks are 1) you can’t fold the keyboard back on itself, it just comes apart. That makes it pretty impractical; and 2) my iPad Pro regularly loses the connection to the keyboard and there doesn’t seem to be a consistent way to get the connection back. It happens so frequently that I hate using it now.

    When it works, I’m basiclally happy with it, but I now wish I’d just bought the Apple Keyboard and a strap for the Pencil. I do not recommend this product.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I Really Wanted To Love This Keyboard Case

    • Written by Ann B from Oakland

    I have had logitech keyboard cases for every iPad I’ve owned. The best case was the case I’ve ever had was for the iPad Air series. This case is heavy and frustrating and requires far too much room. Also, the keyboard detaches just when I don’t want it to. I have no idea why they changed the style of their case and I hope they return to the style of previous cases but they haven’t done so yet. I gave the case two stars because it does have a wonderful responsive keyboard. I finally bought a keyboard case of the older style from another company. It isn’t as good to type on but it is light, holds the iPad at whatever angle I want, and doesn't take up a lot of space. PLEASE APPLE && LOGITECH MAKE A KEYBOARD CASE FOR THE IPAD PRO 10.5 THAT IS LIKE THE IPAD AIR CASE.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Design flaws; recommend buying Apple Care if using this product.

    • Written by Ray S from Laurel

    The Slim Combo case is two separate pieces, keyboard half and iPad half, magnetically, (weakly) attached to each other. When carrying, the case halves can separate, leaving you holding the keypad case and the iPad case falling, bouncing off the floor. Then the iPad ejected from the protective case. Another issue is the outer case of the iPad half does not have non-slip grip pads and is insanely slippery. If sitting on a smooth surface like a granite countertop, it can easily slide. Its friction defying properties would impress a Tribologist. The kickstand does not have secure stop points. On upper angles, it can collapse closed from the pressure of taping the screen, with the slippery iPad half of the case dropping to the counter top with forward momentum, sliding off the counter top and ejecting the iPad. My other iPad is 4 years old, no screen cracks, still works. The Logitech Slim Combo case design flaws contributed to a cracked screen in less than 4 weeks with the new iPad.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by James A from Naperville

    Works well, when it works, but the keyboard loses connectivity from time-to-time, and the case is not terribly secure - my iPad has fallen out of it twice so far!

    Wish I had paid a little more for the “genuine Apple product.”

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    liked this case until it slid out of my car

    • Written by DEBORAH E from New Cumberland

    I was in love with this case until i noticed that the 2 halves do not stay together all the time - when carrying it the 2 halves would come apart. Then I realized it is no protection at all when it slid off the seat of my car onto the ground. The 2 halves came apart and the case that housed the iPad was of no use at all - the glass shattered and I am thanking God that I have Apple Care!!!!
    I realized the only thing I really liked about this case is the keyboard, which is really quite good - but I would not buy it again because it offers no protection for your screen.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Best of the Worst

    • Written by Rick K from Morden

    Unfortunately there are only 2 keyboards being offered so far for the 10.5" Ipad Pro. In my opinion the Logitech Slim Combo is the better of the two but still not great. The pluses are it provides excellent protection for the Ipad including the corners, has a back lit keyboard and a storage sleeve for the Apple Pencil The minuses are the keyboard connection is quite floppy and I'm concerned it wont last long, plus you cannot use it on your lap. The keyboard slants one way and the Ipad another. It works on a solid surface only. It will suffice for now but hopefully a better design comes along soon.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    REALLY, REALLY Disappointed

    • Written by Kathy C from JAMESTOWN

    I bought this keyboard because of the backlight on the keys and the easy touch keypad and haven't been disappointed on that front. HOWEVER, I chose to go against all the reviews regarding the cheap plastic case and large size. I could overcome that for the backlighting except for the fact the my iPad has fallen off a TV tray and table 2 times because it takes up so much space and slides easily on hard services with the plastic. When it fell, the top easily detached from the keyboard and down it went. At $800 a crack, the last thing I want is to break the face of my new iPad. Also, there is literally no stability between the keyboard and the iPad. When on an uneven surface, you have to position it just right to work with it.

    Returning it tomorrow for the Apple keyboard (without the backlight). Dang

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Serious step back.

    • Written by Thomas T from Hickory

    I ordered the Slim Combo 10.5 and before it shipped I got to play with a friend's device he already received. Long story short: The "Slim Combo" is massive and a serious step back from the Create. I immediately cancelled my order and picked a $30 case with BT keyboard instead. "Why?" you might ask. Well, glad you asked ...

    Let's start with the obvious: "Slim" may be a matter of opinion but when you look at "predecessors" it hard to follow the "slim" beyond the name. The iPad Air 2, Pro 9.7 and Pro 10.5 are all about the same thickness. However, the Type+ is 0.7" (for Air 2) and the Create (for Pro 9.7) is 0.9" thick. The "Slim Combo" is a comparatively massive 1.06" thick. That's even by laptop standards not thin or slim anymore. Numbers can be deceiving, but this even feels massive (and heavy).

    The Pencil holder is now on the outside. Probably was meant to be a good idea, but the exposure does make the glossy Pencil prone to scratches and especially to losing the cap for the connector, which is only held on by a relatively weak magnet.

    The removable keyboard sounds good, and I personally don't need it to be removable. In fact, it comes off so easily that I wish it wasn't, and the perceived value of being able to remove the keyboard is overshadowed by the flimsy design.

    Last but not least, the materials feel plain cheap (which is unusual for Logitech) and the stand is a lot like a Surface tablet from Microsoft. While I don't care for that design, it simply tries too hard to be something it's not, and the footprint does NOT work for Economy tray tables. Overall a big miss.

    There are positive sides to the (not-so-) Slim Combo. Namely the use of the Smart Connector and especially the backlit keyboard. In that regard it's much better than Apple Smart Keyboard, but the other issues simply were too strong for me to accept at the $130 price level.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not worth the price

    • Written by Roy W from Kellyville Ridge

    Functional but poor material not worth $199, it'd better to buy one from ebxx.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Poorly Engineered.

    • Written by John M from Valparaiso

    Bought this as the picture looked exactly like the the logitech set up I had with the my 9in ipad. turned out the picture was for the 12 in pro. There is another version for the 10.5 that is made up of a loosely attached keyboard and a bulky cover. I have parked the unit. The cover kept coming off in my briefcase, was impossible to hold it while walking as the magnetic connectors are not made to truly hold it on to the rest of the case.

    This is a poorly designed and engineered product. When you go to open it you must grab both sides, then to use the keyboard again, with both hands, open the stand on the back.

    Simply a poor product.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard and case are nice, random audio playing kills this product

    • Written by David M from Chicago

    Similar to another review, I have been having the issue of random audio playing with this keyboard (note - I have the 12.9" iPad and the case, but they are basically the same). At the end of a meeting in a new job, I had Pokerface (the Glee version for god sakes!) start playing randomly from my iPad - I couldn't even turn down the volume - it kept automatically going up to full volume until I reset the iPad. The IT guy in the room was flabbergasted by it... Since then I have discovered my iPad playing all sorts of random music when I open the cover (most times with the volume decreased) - this ends up making my battery go down quicker due to this. And I can't figure out how the music is being activated -it plays songs I have never played before or purchased (although I do have Apple Music - maybe its activating that??).

    So - overall, I like the case basic features that people have mentioned - to me it doesn't feel that cheap, the fact that it disconnects is nice, the multiple viewing angles is good, the pencil holder is great, but the random music "feature" has to go. Giving it another week and then am going to figure out how to return it (bought through work so this won't be easy).

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    WARNING: Randomly Plays Audio When Closed

    • Written by Albert J from Fort Wayne

    I love the backlit keyboard and the pencil holder. But my main issue with this keyboard was that it would wake up and play audio while closed. One time, I was carrying it inside of a coffee boutique and it started playing my music on max! I scrambled to turn it off; so embarrassing. When it's closed, if I hold it a certain way, the magnet will wake it up and play whatever audio I last listened to. And I didn't know where the "hot" points were or what I did to trigger it. So annoying.
    I returned it to Apple. They brought out a new case and it did the exact same thing. So I exchanged it for an Apple case. Disappointing, because otherwise, I was pleased with the case. Not the most elegant, but I liked the functionality.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Logitech... How did you get this so wrong :-(

    • Written by Greg S from Alpine

    I'd always liked the Logitech Create keyboard case for the iPad 9.7 - they'd got it right with a thin case, the integrated Pencil holder and rear-cover. So when I bought the iPad 10.5 I was excited to see they had a keyboard case to fit it.
    The case is well made and fits nicely. The bottom part of the case has good protection and the keyboard is has a nice feel/travel. However... When the two parts of the case are put together I thought something was wrong - surely they jest by calling it the 'Slim Combo' because it's anything but slim! I estimate it's about five times the thickness of the iPad itself with both parts together. No good for me as I couldn't even slip it into my bag as I wanted. I returned it and bought the Apple Smart Keyboard cover - really liking that + the more toward the thickness I want to maintain with the iPad. Logitech, you had it just right with the 'Create' cover/keyboard - how did you decide to throw-out that winning formula?

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Logitech dropped the ball on this

    • Written by Karl A from Portland

    I used the Logitech Create on my 9.7 in iPad Pro and it was pretty decent. The only thing I really wanted them to add was adjustable angles. I was excited to see the Slim Combo had that feature but it pretty much misses in everything else. The pencil is awkwardly sitting outside of the case, the keys feel slippery, and the detachable keyboard feel flimsy. And the whole thing feels very bulky. It's called "slim" but it's bigger than the old Create. I was excited about the upgraded case, now disappointed in it's execution. Unfortunately there are no good options out there yet that I have found.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I really wanted to like this but.......

    • Written by David S from Romsey

    I ordered this on the back of some less than complimentary online reviews, as i always like to give a product a chance myself and see it in the flesh. However, on this occasion i fear the majority of reviews out there are correct.

    The overall build quality is good and the iPad snaps into the case well. All of the ports and cutouts line up nicely and the iPad certainly appears safe and secure. The keyboard is very nice to use, i cant say i used it for much more than 10 minutes, but i can tell this part of the device is good quality and will do the job well.

    The issue for me and for many of the reviews it seems, is the fact it turns your sleek, expensive and super thin iPad pro, into a monstrous beast, that looks just like a netbook. Once this is on, the iPad is clunky, heavy and just awkward to operate. It certainly takes the elegance of the operation away.

    Little details like the lid, when closed in clam shell mode, doesn't really locate and can "slide" around from the magnetic stays. Nothing major again, but an annoyance certainly. Also the lip that protrudes above the screen around most of the edge, its got a practical purpose, but it makes the device more awkward to hold and operate. Generally, something just doesn't feel right about this product.

    Now i understand for some, these things will not be an issue, and the practicality will win through. I do see some positives and i really wanted to like it, but unfortunately its just a bit too clunky to play nicely with the iPad in my opinion.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great keyboard, unfortunate execution

    • Written by Laura S from Chicago

    Love the keyboard itself - backlight, key touch - the keys are a delight to use. Utility ends there - this is neither slim nor an effective combo. It's not even an actual case.

    The two pieces never connect to each other. Keyboard connects to iPad via smart connector and can fold down to lay against screen - except the so-called case never really closes. The iPad and keyboard lay against each other, yet there is nothing to hold the two pieces together as a unit, Whether holding in hand or slid inside work bag, the pieces separate. Imagine holding two dinner plates together face to face with hollow space in between and no way to hold them together except by squeezing your hand. That's what this feels like. And - as with the plates, trying to hold them together can be the very thing that slips them apart.

    Disappointed - will be returning.

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