• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product, a little pricey

    • Written by Dan W from Halifax

    I've had this sleeve for six months, it's served me well so far. The design is excellent, the fit is snug, and there's a little zip picket on the outside where I carry a breakout cable and my phone. The lining is nice, and it feels like it offers a decent level of protection for a soft case. I'm pretty sure the leather one would offer more, but it's five times the price, so go figure. It seems fairly resistant to abrasion, my cats haven't managed to pluck it with their claws yet so that's a good sign. It feels heavy and expensive, which is good, because it is :-)

    Complaints: I got the blue one, and it picks up stains and marks easily.

    Would recommend.

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