• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Protectiveness good, quality less good.

    • Written by Nicholas M from Victoria

    The sleeve fits the MacBook very well, like a glove, and the tensaerlite bumpers on the sides really do feel like they'd protect my device in the event of a drop. However, the case did not feel as premium as I had expected given the price. The outside feels plasticey and cheap, the magnetic latch is pathetic, and the stitching is a tad sloppy in places. Additionally, after less than a month of use, some of the material where the cloth meets the plastic on the outside has started to fray from inside this groove. It is not problematic, but it looks bad and pushed me over the edge to write this review.
    If you need to have an incase sleeve without a zipper, this may be your only option, but I'm sure that there are better options out there for people who haven't the brand allegiance and have the time to look.