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    Best HDMI Cable

    • Written by Eugene C from Tomball

    I tried many expensive HDMI Cable. This was the only and best cable to work with Apple TV 4K

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Real 2.1 HDMI cable for Apple TV 4K (4K Dolby Vision, 60 Hz & max. Chroma)

    • Written by Marc S from Pütscheid

    Thank you! I can put my fake HDMI 2.0a or b (or whatever) in the trash can. This product supports everything you need to use the full potential of Apple TV 4K. Don't buy cheap/fake HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 cables! You will most likely be disappointed. Belkin will not disappoint you. I promise. ;)

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    Great for Apple TV 4k

    • Written by Philip L from Minchinhampton

    There seems to be two schools of thought re HDMI leads- 'all HDMI leads are the same' and 'go for the best that's appropriate for your device'. I have no idea which is correct. All I can report is my experience. Initially I connected my Apple TV 4K with a basic hi speed lead and had great troubles. It connected ok to my Sony AF8 OLED tv but after a day or so all I got was a black screen and a flickering picture. Apple replaced the Apple TV but I had the same issue with the replacement. So I purchased this Belkin lead. Now the connection is stable, the picture great and at last I can enjoy my Apple TV 4k. It's an expensive lead but if it means a trouble - free experience it's got to be worth it.

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    Highly recommend for 4K viewing

    • Written by Gareth L from Crowthorne

    I initially connected my Apple TV 4K to my home cinema system using a "good quality" basic HDMI lead from QED. Sadly, there was some noticeable juddering of the picture which made me question my decision to buy the Apple TV box. However, after some searching on the internet, I decided to give this Belkin lead a try - and my problem was solved! No more juddering and a perfect picture.
    I'd strongly recommend using this lead (or at least ensuring you've got some other high-performance UHD capable HDMI lead) to connect your Apple TV 4K to your system.

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    Fixed All the Problems

    • Written by Allan W from Orewa

    I resisted buying this cable for ages, putting up with HDR not working correctly, thinking that Apple would fix it soon. I had almost new 18Gbps HDMI cables so I was sure that it should work and it wasn't the cables. Tried several other 18Gbps cables but nothing would fix the problems. Gave in a bought one finally and found that it fixed the problem when I connected the Apple TV direct to the TV. So bought a second one (Wish that I could have bought a 1m one!). I now have Apple TV to Denon receiver then the second cable from receiver to TV and it is all working perfectly! Chroma 4.2.2, HDR, Dolby Vision, home screen not looking washed out, the whole 9 yards! So I am happy.
    Maybe some HDMI cables ARE different.

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    Ethan is wrong

    • Written by Jon B from Fallbrook

    A post showing 1 Star with the name of Ethan says there is no difference between this cable and a normal hdmi no difference at all between a 5 dollar or thousand dollar cable. Ethan before you post do your homework the hdmi 2.1 or ultra high speed it’s 48gbs compared with normal 4K 18gbs it allows freesynce, variable refresh rate and ALLM on the upcoming Xbox x and newer models. In other words it able to pass large amount of information. It also could work up to 8k. You simply don’t no what your talking about and shouldn’t be posting.

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    Dolby Vision finally works with this cable!

    • Written by Bill H from Simi Valley

    I just bought a new Sony X900F and an Apple TV 4K and I really wanted to try out HDR. With the existing HDMI cables I had I could not get this to work. So off I went to the Apple store and crossed my fingers and bought five of these cables. I am a believer! Dolby Vision now finally works with this cable. Do not let the "experts" tell you all cables are created equal! Everything is now working perfectly even with a Denon amplifier thrown into the mix!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Choice

    • Written by Andreas S from Büron

    From a good design to a relatively low apple taxe its a great HDMI cable

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    Incredible Quality

    • Written by Matthew M from Los Angeles

    Can't wait to use this HDMI cable to watch the new 4KUNIVERSE 4K HDR TV channel.

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    A+ product !

    • Written by Zlatan B from ST-Hyacinthe

    They aren't "gold plated" or look like as a spaceship but they are premium crafted with an A+ packaging.

    Honestly the picture I get on my 75" is so better than all HDMI cables I tried before when streaming video from my Apple TV 4K. No more flickering.

    If only I bought them before, I would have saved a lot of time, money and so less frustrations !

    Bravo !

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    Perfect hdmi cable for 4K av system

    • Written by Tarquin B from penzance

    Up graded my tv and sound system to Dolby vision and atmos surround sound, added an Apple TV 4K as my main source of content as this is currently the best streaming device available and integrates with the rest of my Apple gear( love the Apple TV but still patiently waiting for atmos support) I used my old hdmi cables (2.0) to connect up with initially and straight away had problems, Apple TV wouldn’t send picture through av receiver, connected directly to tv it worked but no Dolby vision. Read the recommendations for the Belkin cable and bought one to try, worked perfectly with tv so replaced rest of cables and no problems since, everything works perfectly. The cables are quite thin but this is useful as they are easy to route and don’t lift the Apple TV box up like my old thicker ones did. I just hope “thin” dose not mean “ brakes easily “ would be nice if they lasted a good long while because they are very expensive!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Solves the ‘no signal’ problem!

    • Written by Colin S from East Garrison

    I have a 4K TV (LG OLED55B7A) that supports HDR/Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. I recently bought a 4K Blu-ray player (LG UBK90) that supports HDR/Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. I was having the “no signal” problem when using HDR/Dolby Vision and HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color setting on my TV. Although the HDMI cables I’ve using for the past several years were marketed as the “high speed” variety, these cables seemed to be the culprit.

    I can confirm that this Belkin cable has solved the “no signal” problem. I tested it out with ‘The Dark Tower’ movie (4K bluray disc encoded with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos). One might argue that $29 for a 2 meter cable is overkill and they might be right... but this cable works.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best, nd only, for Dolby Vision

    • Written by Adam J from Brisbane

    I Couldn't get Dolby Vision from my Apple TV 4K to my LG OLED, even using a HDMI Premium Certified 4K Ultra HD HDR 2.0b HDMI cable.

    When I added this cable everything worked straight away. I have one running from my Apple TV to my Yamaha AVR and one from the AVR to the TV.

    This is the only cable I'd recommend if you want the full benefits of your gear!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Dude... they work.

    • Written by Atul S from Bronx

    Got an Apple 4k TV. Was using regular hdmi cables I already had. But could not get the Dolby Vision settings to work consistently.
    Was skeptical at first of these Belkin cables because most reviews say hdmi cables are all the same, cheap ones work just the same, etc.
    But I risked it and bought them. To my pleasant surprise... they work! well! Can view in Dolby Vision with no problem now. Picture is great.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Dolby Vision on Apple TV 4K didn't work without it

    • Written by Leonel A from Las Vegas

    - I have a 2017 LG OLED TV capable of Dolby vision

    - I was using Amazons "latest" HDMI cable but couldn't get past 4K @ 60Hz or chroma 4:2:2 to work

    - Ran to Apple and this fixed my problem, it enabled Dolby Vision and chroma 4:2:2

    - It "used" to be ok to use the cheapest HDMI cable as they either worked or they didn't but that is no longer the case with all the data that has to run through these things anymore

    - $30 is a lot for a cable but that's the price you pay for having the latest and greatest

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    HDMI 2.1 WOW!

    • Written by Andre P from Bronx

    I took the plunge and bought 3 of these for Apple TV 4K, PS4 Pro and Xbox X ($30 per cable, freaking pricy). WOW, noticeable improvement overall! Game lag just about disappears, ghosting is a non factor with this cable. Colors are brighter and just the image on the screen looks way better! Horizon Zero Dawn looks spectacular. And I have an old Sony KDL50W800B (2014 model, 1080P not 4K). I highly recommend this cable for gamers. Oh by the way streaming via Amazon or even Netflix looks excellent thru Apple TV. Was going to buy a 4K this holiday but I'll just wait till next March or so when the new HDTV's come out hopefully with HDMI 2.1 ports.Thanks to Apple and Belkin for bringing this great product to market!

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    First HDMI 2.1 spec cable

    • Written by Pushkar R from Phoenix

    I have a bunch of old, cheap & expensive HDMI cables lying around in my home. I have last year's apple HDMI cable too. But know this, all of those what you have is HDMI 2.0 cable.
    Now, HDMI cables haven't changed much but "2.0 to 2.1" is a significant change and this cable is first product with 2.1 specs.
    This cable is well built but doesn't look significantly different from previous gen cables. This cable supports bandwidth up to 48 GBPS so theoretically it can support 10K resolution (goo.gl/CyRinAcontent_copyCopy short URL).
    Do you need it? Depends on your TV. If you have newer 4K HDR TV's, this will help or else, there might not be not much change.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Cable works for Apple Tv 4k just as described

    • Written by Daniel G from Lakewood

    Cable works for Apple Tv 4k just as described. Cable length is fine for me at 6.6 feet. Works great for me!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    1st HDMI 2.1 To My knowledge

    • Written by Christopher R from Kelso

    Had issues getting full 4k with HDR10 & Dolbyvision with my new Apple TV 4K. I Had to run cables directly to my oled display just to allow basic 4k even though all my cables were certified premium high speed. After installing two of these cables to pass thru my receiver I’m now getting full 4k with HDR10 and Dolbyvision in 4.4.4 chroma. These are to the best of my knowledge the first HDMI 2.1 cables available with 48 Gbps bandwidth.
    All issues are resolved and my Yamaha RX-A2060 is back inline simplifying the switching process. Based on my experience I can recommend these cables.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best cable for 4K HDR

    • Written by Matthew T from Ringwood

    I bought this so I can watch heaps of videos, view stacks of photos on my TV and use YouTube to view whatever videos I want to watch on Apple TV in 4K HDR. This saves me having to find DVDs and Bluray disks to watch

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