• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor Bluetooth connection

    • Written by Anthony G from Sydney

    Bose have a real winner here when it comes to sound quality, however that is not one bit good to anyone when you can’t stay connected long enough to use them. I use these on an iPhone 6s and via an Apple series 3 celular watch. The watch is useles and drops connection every 15 seconds but only when used outside for some reason, if I use on watch indoors they are great. As for the iPhone connection this also has many dropouts but not as may as watch. I have been able to stop most of the dropouts on the iPhone by placing the watch in my right pocket closer to the right bud, this seems to stop disconnection on the phone anyway. If these buds where a cheap device I would not worry and accept that you get what you pay for, however, anyone that has bought these would know they are far from cheap. If Bose wants to compeat in this wireless Bluetooth market they need to do a lot more work on connectity. I’m sorry to say I have gone back to my Apple earbuds which is a shame as the Bose does have much better sound, but at least I’m now listing to music uninterrupted.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great audio quality....disappointing functionality

    • Written by Jack S from Kellyville

    Audio quality on these headphones are stunning you receive very rich highs and lows, the base is punchy and powerful.
    Battery life is decent however the bulky charging case only gives you 10 hours extra.

    Connecting the Bose requires the download of an app and then you can start using these, I found that whilst listening to music alone they are awesome but as soon as I opened up YouTube there is an uncomfortably noticeable delay between what is on screen and the audio itself.

    The physical feel of the headphones are okay, for me personally the Airpods are much more comfortable and do not pertrude out of your ears as much as the Bose.

    If it’s just for music...great! If you want to actually use these properly....don’t waste your money.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice but staying connected is a problem

    • Written by Larry H from Pearland

    First, I would say these are real great buds when it comes to the quality of the sound. My problem is, that I'm on my 3rd pair after sending the first and second set back because of the left ear bud kept cutting out and coming back in. If I turned my head to the right to look at something, the left one cut out and came back in. I've downloaded all current updates so that's not the problem. The pair I currently have now are about 2 weeks old and have done the same thing but maybe not as often as the first 2 pairs. It gets frustrating and tiresome not to be able to listen without the left bud cutting out. I do not jog. I just walk in the neighborhood. Don't know what else to do. After 3 pairs, one ought to have one that works fine. Probably my last purchase of Bose Earbuds. My son's Apple wireless earbuds are working perfect. These are too expensive to have to put up with this constant problem. If they didn't cut out I would be very very please with them. As I said, I do love the sound quality.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Sound is great but there are drawbacks

    • Written by Adam G from Windsor

    The sound coming from these buds is dynamic and has great range. Clearly the best buds I have had.
    Pros: great sound quality
    they will NEVER fall out
    Cons: they stick out too much making them noisy while on a bike or running against the wind. The turbulence is so bad you cannot hear the music no matter what the volume.
    the buds sticking out make them very difficult to where in winter when wearing a touque. Being from Canada, that makes them useless for me for six months of the year.
    the charging case is huge.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Zen Runner fair review

    • Written by Miguel R from Pompano Beach

    Bose products have always had a great sound quality to them and these pair of bluetooth headphones deliver. There are a few things that make them less than appealing but they are not deal breakers. I use my headphones for the gym, walking, running, college campus study and hiking so I put them to a vigorous tests.

    The Good! The setup upon unboxing is easy. Sound quality is amazing as always for Bose. They are very light weight and sometimes you forget you have them on. Calls are clear. They link up to only one device which is a better option than the other pair of headphones I had that linked up to all my devices when I turned them on. Lastly, the recharge station charges while I store them.

    The Bad! The connection will drop on rare occasions. They only last 4 hours depending on continuous usage. Price Tag is a little steep. If you leave them out in the sun they will shut down, I did this by accident but I had to wait for 10 minutes as they cooled. Lastly they do not sync properly to some video formats like YouTube. I tend to watch Hulu or Netflix and its no problem but YouTube does not.

    In short these headphones are in my opinion good for the sound, great for the convenience but could use some more work on the battery life. I like them a lot. Take it or leave it? I'll take it! :D

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    they're okay

    • Written by Matthew M from Omaha

    I have wanted a set of true wireless headphones for a long time. This set seemed to be the answer. Until I tried to talk with them on the phone and only one speaker works. Oh, and the only time both headphones work is when you are playing music. Makes you think the left one doesn't work. There are limited directions on how to use the charge bank/dock. You never truly power off the headphones, you just stick them in the charging dock. Handy to have if you need a charge, but needs charged to be able to work. The noise is definitely cancelled, but at times can be uncomfortable in your ears. I would look at other alternatives if I had the option. They do stay in the ears well, and are less akward than the wired soundsports.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost perfection but not quite

    • Written by Efrain T from Riverview

    These headphones are incredible and yet have a few shortcomings that stop them from achieving perfection. Rather than bore you with long drawn out explanations about the sound which of course is tuned to the same bass filled curve Bose is known for. I want to focus on the products pros and cons: Pros: great build quality (mostly plastic) Great bass response Good Audio quality Nice mid and high levels but no superb Quick connection to most Bluetooth devices Comparable battery life to similar products Buttons have great firm response Few cutoffs
    Cons Huge case to carry buds Can’t be used independently only right ear in my testing No w1 chip seems to be constantly charging since case dies out after a few days Protrude from ear drums Can’t share a earphone as you would an AirPod No noise cancellation features Updates take forever (about an hour) Bose Application fails to recognize earbuds on occasion
    Issues aside this product offers superior sound to most products since it’s able to fill up the ear cavity with quality sound. Definitely geared toward the athlete not the casual user.

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