• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Decent sound, not £300 good sound

    • Written by Jonathan R from High wycombe

    Having recently been trying out various types and brands of bluetooth headphones and running side by side comparisons to decide where best to place my money I have finalised my opinion on these headphones.

    If noise cancelling is the biggest factor for you when it comes to headphones, these are without a doubt as the rest of the internet will tel you the best choice available. Period.

    They look nice, are super comfortable, have a decent case and selection of cables included.

    However I experience ear pains with some types of headphones (typically in ear ones) and these after only a few days of using have resurfaced the pain for me. It's a shame because they are luxurious headphones. This is a well documented issue it turns out so be aware that if you have these problems, this could be a deal breaker for you.

    Ontop of this, the sound with the noise cancellation off (which is the source of the ear pressure and pain), the audio is sub par, and not close to what you'd expect from Bose or a £300 pair of headphones.

    I would recommend these, but only for people who perhaps fly or have to travel a lot and can only hope to consume audio with world class noise cancelling. Unfortunately this comes with a slight price, less high quality audio, and possible pain. There is better out there for the same money for everything here apart from build quality and noise cancellation. For me the discomfort when using the feature set and the decent but not £300 sound quality mean this isn't the one.

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