• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great quality Annoying features

    • Written by Andrew P from alexandria

    I love the look, design and overall feel of this case ive had many cases for macbook pros and airs in the past and i have to say that this has been the nicest one that ive owned. The overall quality of the case is very good and it looks are 2nd to none if you are looking for a clear case. Id highly recommend this case to anyone in the market for a hardshell case as it uses the best materials in plastics and gives it an overall great look and I do think that it is worth the extra money over other cheaper cases I have owned in the past. My once concern with this case is the fit on the top layer. Im not sure if mine is a factory defect of if they are all like this but the top layer of the case will pop off almost every time I open the macbook from the opening slit if i don't absolutely baby it. I feel as tho this is a factory defect but am not sure. For 100$(after tax and shipping) this case should NOT do this and its quite annoying as if I dont want to encounter this problem I either have to lift up the screen from the sides or touch the top of the screen bezel and get fingerprints on it which is something i do not want to do. There is a built in slit on the mac for a reason , so you can open it with one finger and not have to touch the screen. Overall its a great case minus this one inconvenience and would recommend it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice case

    • Written by GARETH C from Rooty Hill

    Nice feeling case. Only problem is it gets scratched fairly easily and it's a huge dust magnet, I get dust under it all the time which is annoying, but there's no damage to the actual MacBook Pro

    Build quality is definitely impressive though, much better than a lot of other cases

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very nice case!

    • Written by Robert H. Z from O'Brien

    This case is a gem in a sea of mostly terrible cases that are available for the latest 15” MacBook Pros. We have spent an almost ridiculous amount of time researching and reading purchaser reviews of products from other manufacturers. The Tech21 case is quite pricey, but it does provide the following: For a lightweight and trim case, it gives a MBP reasonably good protection against scratches and wear and tear. It is made of TPU, a specialized plastic that has a bit of ability to actually absorb some impact. The material is not soft and slippery like silicone, and not hard and likely to crack like Lexan. Because the case is not thick (not necessarily a bad thing) it should not be relied to protect the computer from drops of any height, especially at the corners and at the bottom rear, where the hinge design and ventilation port design of the MBP make it difficult to provide more protection. The top rear of the case does overhang the rear edge of the MBP giving a small measure of protection. The case allows the screen to open fully, way past 90°, not hindering the viewing angle adjustment in any way. The case fits very well (easy to install and remove) and is crystal clear. In our opinion, it actually enhances the appearance of the MBP adding only slightly to the dimensions and weight. The case has a Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty from the manufacturer (a real rarity). It is a very nice case, especially when you consider the alternatives. Highly recommended!

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