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    The case fits 2019 MacBook Pro 15" with Touch Bar !

    • Written by Justin N from Toronto

    Hi everyone,

    I purchased this case and then read the reviews afterward. I was surprised to see reviews indicating that the case did not work with the 2019 MacBook Pro given that Apple's filters and recommendations suggested that it should.

    To help others looking for a case for their MacBook Pro (2019) I want to let you know that it DOES FIT! In fact the fit is quite perfect and it appears to give the laptop a great level of protection.

    Suggestions for those experiencing what some have reported:

    Case not fitting, especially cover:
    The case fits and when placed on correctly, you can open the laptop without the case snapping off. I believe the varied experience is based on how one puts the cover on. I found that you must slide the cover on to the top part of the screen of the laptop first. There are two very subtle but necessary reinforcements that keep the cover in place here. Similarly, there is one of these reinforcements on each side of the screen. Snap these securely in place. Finally, as you approach the base of the screen, there are several smaller reinforcements that also need to be snapped into place. So this side last as these smaller reinforcements are easier to snap in place than the those along the top part of the screen!

    I've not noticed any scratches on my cover, however, I completely expect that scratches will occur. If and when scratches do occur, whether they be few or many, I am happy that the cover is there so that the scratches aren't on my laptop! Sure, I also expect there to be far more scratches on the cover than I would see appearing on my actual case without a cover. After all, the case is plastic, which is known for easily being scratched, whereas the laptop is finished to minimize scratches.

    I hope this helps!

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    Just what I was looking for

    • Written by Jim B from West Linn

    I was leery of this case, as I am of all cases, due to bad experiences in the past. I also worried whether I'd have the same issue that other reviewers have had with the top popping off. So far, this thing is perfect. Well built, nice clear plastic that's not too hard and not too soft, and it fits perfectly. The key is to press the top on using pressure all along the edges, not just the corners. The case not only keeps the beauty of Apple's design showing, but also provides a bit more slip resistance when carrying, more grip to open the top from the closed position, and a little more stable base so it doesn't slide around on my desk. The price is outrageous, but it's worth it.

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    Great case!

    • Written by Brad J from Stone Mountain

    I've always had some kind of shell case on my MacBook Pros but eventually they always seem to crack or become brittle. This case is made of a more pliable and flexible material. It may scratch but it fits well and doesn't seem like it would ever get brittle like the other cases. Very nice!

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    Soper Case

    • Written by Rick B from LONGMONT

    The only one I found that allows the screen to closed properly. Very nice fit and high quality material.

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