• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Good Sound and Portable AirPlay!

    • Written by Christopher B from Calgary

    For overall compatibility, sound, and usefulness, this speaker is amazing! The combination of AirPlay and Bluetooth is awesome. Libratone has also announced support for AirPlay 2! The ability to pick this up and take it to the kitchen, or to the office, or to the patio is stellar. The battery life is awesome, and there is no other AirPlay solution that I've found that is portable like this. I know Bluetooth offers the same kind of portability, but the quality of AirPlay, and the lack of "interruptions" with AirPlay is what makes it a much better experience. AirPlay also makes it easy for anyone to use. My wife loves being able to grab the ZIPP and AirPlay to it when she's working out without having to pair it with Bluetooth.
    The Sound Quality is very good. It's not going to blow you away, but the overall sound is well balanced. I wish it had a bit more bass (hence 4 stars) but it easily outshines any Bluetooth speaker I've had. It doesn't stack up against my Sonos setup (Play 5 and Play 1 Stereo Pair), but it's not designed for that. If you're looking for a portable AirPlay solution with good sound, then yes... this is it!