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    • Written by capraro C from hove

    I have just bought the two pack whole-home mesh and its a total rip-off. it doesn't cover my whole flat, which is a mere 65sqm and 1 wall in between the 2nd node and my bedroom, where signal is still absent regardless of the node barely 2 mt away from it. called the call centre and spent 2hr 15 min on the phone to hear that they don't know how to solve the issue as there are no faults in the meshes and blamed it on my EE broadband, which has worked just fine until this day.
    What to say..an expensive design product that doesnt perform the one task its supposed to do.
    ridiculous! Do not buy!

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    Very disappointing

    • Written by William F from London

    I purchased a 2-pack Velop in the hope of improving my WiFi connection speed. I currently have an old Airport Extreme (early generation, from 2012), and given the size of my home, I can sometimes only get about 50Mbs using it.

    The Velop is an extremely well marketed product, but the product itself failed to lived up to this marketing. The basic point of the mesh system didn't work, and there were other issues which all lead me to send mine back.

    What I observed with the Linksys Velop system:

    1. My devices almost never connected to the closest and strongest signal (node). My iMac always chose the furthest away node on 2.4G and I could not force it to use the closer one or different band. The best speed I got was 30Mbs. I read through Linksys support and found others with the same issue. Linksys expert suggestions did not work; I tried several. There is no capability to force a device to use a specific node. So the whole point of the system did not work for me.

    2. The 5G network kept dropping devices and they could not reconnect, with a message that the WPA2 password was wrong. There are many others experiencing the same issue and looking for solutions on the Linksys support forums. This happened to me 3 times in the less than 24 hours I used the product.

    3. Based on the feedback I read on Linksys forums from their own experts, it seems that it's the device which chooses which node to connect to, and many devices will only look for a better signal once there is a certain degree of noise or RSSI. So unless you can position nodes so that fixed (non-mobile) devices only has one node signal to connect to which is above these thresholds, then the mesh system is not going to work.

    Was very happy to send the Velop back and get my money back. Do your research (on Linksys forums, not in their marketing) before you buy this. I would love to see Apple push a better product, as Velop was in my experience a waste of my time.

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    There is no "No star" rating

    • Written by Hristo D from Wallington

    I was using Verizon standard router, but decided to switch to Linksys since I do not want to pay Verizon rent or buy their router. For two years with Verizon's router I had to restart it maybe 2 or 3 times. When I bought Linksys Velop I have never thought that I would actually downgrade instead of upgrade. I have to restart the system pretty much every week. This is so unreliable for the money! I'm so upset that Apple decided to discontinue they network products.

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    The Linksys app is TRASH

    • Written by Jeffrey S


    Background: I'm a pretty tech-savvy person, I have solid understanding of ports, signal flow, etc. I was a big fan of how easy it was to setup Apple's Airport routers in the past.

    SInce Apple exited the WiFi router market and started selling the Linksys Velop instead, I figured it would be a worthy replacement. I was wrong. I bought a 2-pack from the Apple Store and went home to set it up. Downloaded the Linksys app and followed the instructions. Unsuccessful. I reset everything, deleted the app, and attempted to setup again. Unsuccessful. Naturally, I thought it was an issue with my ISP. Made an appointment with Spectrum to have a technician come to my house a couple of days later (for $59).

    A few days later, the technician comes. He switches out the modem, verifies that my internet connection is solid, and together we attempt to setup the Linksys Velop again. Again, unsuccessful. This goes on for 2 hours. He checks every connection inside and outside of the house to make sure it's not the fault of the ISP. Everything checks out, but we're still unable to setup this router. He then decides to download the Linksys app on his Android device and within 5 MINUTES, was able to setup the network. Well that's embarrassing. After the technician leaves, I decide to setup the second node myself through my iPhone and all of a sudden, NOTHING WORKS.

    At this point, I wanted to make sure I wasn't clinically insane, so I brought out my old Airport Extreme and was able to set it up within a matter of minutes. Needless to say, I returned this the next day.

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I have never purchased a piece of technology that has wasted so much of my time and has done so much psychological harm to my self-confidence.

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    Major Problem

    • Written by Neil S from Peoria

    I ordered and had delivered to our home the system for wireless connections. I have an Apple Airport Express but wanted to upgrade. It arrived but the next step was IMPOSSIBLE. The site instructions are best known for their lack of clarity. Finding the app was a problem but I could not download it because it needed the WiFi - that made it impossible to download.
    I returned to the Apple store seeking assistance with the iPhone, iPad and my HP laptop. I was told they could not assist as the item - Linksys - was not their produce. No they could not make it work and there is no way it will work. So I requested a full refund, which was given.
    Recomendation - DON"T buy this unless you have Apple products and then know it will be a problem.
    I have reverted to the Airport Express and save a bundle.
    I do not expect anyone to read or respond to this posting.

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