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    • Written by capraro C from hove

    I have just bought the two pack whole-home mesh and its a total rip-off. it doesn't cover my whole flat, which is a mere 65sqm and 1 wall in between the 2nd node and my bedroom, where signal is still absent regardless of the node barely 2 mt away from it. called the call centre and spent 2hr 15 min on the phone to hear that they don't know how to solve the issue as there are no faults in the meshes and blamed it on my EE broadband, which has worked just fine until this day.
    What to say..an expensive design product that doesnt perform the one task its supposed to do.
    ridiculous! Do not buy!

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    Very disappointing

    • Written by William F from London

    I purchased a 2-pack Velop in the hope of improving my WiFi connection speed. I currently have an old Airport Extreme (early generation, from 2012), and given the size of my home, I can sometimes only get about 50Mbs using it.

    The Velop is an extremely well marketed product, but the product itself failed to lived up to this marketing. The basic point of the mesh system didn't work, and there were other issues which all lead me to send mine back.

    What I observed with the Linksys Velop system:

    1. My devices almost never connected to the closest and strongest signal (node). My iMac always chose the furthest away node on 2.4G and I could not force it to use the closer one or different band. The best speed I got was 30Mbs. I read through Linksys support and found others with the same issue. Linksys expert suggestions did not work; I tried several. There is no capability to force a device to use a specific node. So the whole point of the system did not work for me.

    2. The 5G network kept dropping devices and they could not reconnect, with a message that the WPA2 password was wrong. There are many others experiencing the same issue and looking for solutions on the Linksys support forums. This happened to me 3 times in the less than 24 hours I used the product.

    3. Based on the feedback I read on Linksys forums from their own experts, it seems that it's the device which chooses which node to connect to, and many devices will only look for a better signal once there is a certain degree of noise or RSSI. So unless you can position nodes so that fixed (non-mobile) devices only has one node signal to connect to which is above these thresholds, then the mesh system is not going to work.

    Was very happy to send the Velop back and get my money back. Do your research (on Linksys forums, not in their marketing) before you buy this. I would love to see Apple push a better product, as Velop was in my experience a waste of my time.

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    There is no "No star" rating

    • Written by Hristo D from Wallington

    I was using Verizon standard router, but decided to switch to Linksys since I do not want to pay Verizon rent or buy their router. For two years with Verizon's router I had to restart it maybe 2 or 3 times. When I bought Linksys Velop I have never thought that I would actually downgrade instead of upgrade. I have to restart the system pretty much every week. This is so unreliable for the money! I'm so upset that Apple decided to discontinue they network products.

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    The Linksys app is TRASH

    • Written by Jeffrey S


    Background: I'm a pretty tech-savvy person, I have solid understanding of ports, signal flow, etc. I was a big fan of how easy it was to setup Apple's Airport routers in the past.

    SInce Apple exited the WiFi router market and started selling the Linksys Velop instead, I figured it would be a worthy replacement. I was wrong. I bought a 2-pack from the Apple Store and went home to set it up. Downloaded the Linksys app and followed the instructions. Unsuccessful. I reset everything, deleted the app, and attempted to setup again. Unsuccessful. Naturally, I thought it was an issue with my ISP. Made an appointment with Spectrum to have a technician come to my house a couple of days later (for $59).

    A few days later, the technician comes. He switches out the modem, verifies that my internet connection is solid, and together we attempt to setup the Linksys Velop again. Again, unsuccessful. This goes on for 2 hours. He checks every connection inside and outside of the house to make sure it's not the fault of the ISP. Everything checks out, but we're still unable to setup this router. He then decides to download the Linksys app on his Android device and within 5 MINUTES, was able to setup the network. Well that's embarrassing. After the technician leaves, I decide to setup the second node myself through my iPhone and all of a sudden, NOTHING WORKS.

    At this point, I wanted to make sure I wasn't clinically insane, so I brought out my old Airport Extreme and was able to set it up within a matter of minutes. Needless to say, I returned this the next day.

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I have never purchased a piece of technology that has wasted so much of my time and has done so much psychological harm to my self-confidence.

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    Major Problem

    • Written by Neil S from Peoria

    I ordered and had delivered to our home the system for wireless connections. I have an Apple Airport Express but wanted to upgrade. It arrived but the next step was IMPOSSIBLE. The site instructions are best known for their lack of clarity. Finding the app was a problem but I could not download it because it needed the WiFi - that made it impossible to download.
    I returned to the Apple store seeking assistance with the iPhone, iPad and my HP laptop. I was told they could not assist as the item - Linksys - was not their produce. No they could not make it work and there is no way it will work. So I requested a full refund, which was given.
    Recomendation - DON"T buy this unless you have Apple products and then know it will be a problem.
    I have reverted to the Airport Express and save a bundle.
    I do not expect anyone to read or respond to this posting.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Velop doesn't appear to support iTunes Home Sharing with Macs

    • Written by David S from Winston-Salem

    I bought a Velop two pack from Best Buy yesterday to test against my Time Capsule AC unit to see if would extend wifi to more distant areas of my two floor 2200 square foot house due using its separate node in my problematic basement, but, it will be returned today.

    Interestingly it wasn't quite as good as my TC throughput-wise even with my distant basement iMac server but the real deal breaker is the fact it won't route Bonjour services correctly from my iMac's iTunes Home Sharing Library as it drops that iMac's connection every hour. Linksys is aware of the problem but doesn't have a fix yet. (...and factory resets, latest firmware installed on both Velop nodes and enabling multicast filtering doesn't prevent the network drops.)

    Just a heads up if you're considering a Velop with iTunes Home Sharing from a Mac, otherwise, it's a very good mesh system.

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    Didn't find the internet - but OK

    • Written by Stephen B from Armadale

    Purchased the Velop to replace my dead Time Capsule and Airport Extreme (linked the two using Ethernet over powerline). Had a major problem during the set up as the Velop system could not recognise the internet. Linksys support (over 90 mins on the phone) were great, and the final solution was that I use the Airport Express to manage the internet from my cable modem, use an ethernet cable to the first Velop node and then it was all OK.

    Not the best outcome, but now set up, speeds and coverage are good.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    My experience with Velop by Linksys

    • Written by Ron E from SALINAS

    As I unpackaged the Velop system the first thing that one notices is there isn't any excessive packaging. No books or messy paperwork. You get your nodes, in my case I purchased the 2 node model from apple.com , as well as starter guide that simply tells you to download the app which is available through the Apple App Store or Google, and follow the app instructions.

    The App is very user friendly. I mean step by step, picture book guided, easy. You just plug the first node into the router and wait a few minutes and it guides you to the next step. The app will also help you know if the placement of the node is going to give you the best results for your network.
    After completing the initial setup which took me about 30 minutes because of cable management aesthetics for my home, otherwise it was closer to 15 minutes I began customizing. One of the great features is that the network allows you to prioritize your wifi equipment. Because we want to have the best results for AppleTV I placed it as priority one. Next the iMac which we stream from all the time and third went to my iPad.
    You can also setup a guest network if you want one for friends and or visitors that you are alright with them using your internet but don't want them into your external hard drives that might be included in your home network or other files you might not be keen on staring.
    You also have parental control if the kids should get off the internet and start doing homework.

    The repost access though the app has been a tad unreliable as in it takes a long time for it to connect if I am out of range of home but this is not as important to me as a user as the other features.
    I was able to plug all of the other items I needed to the ports underneath the nodes such as my Hue hub.
    The app has a speed test built right into it. I was excited to see the results by eliminating my Apple router from the mix (more on that later) and the result was incredible. This is an actual screen shot of my results.
    I played with the notion of creating a Bridge Network and utilizing my Apple Time Capsule over the wifi. The downside of this is that it disables a lot of the aforementioned features. I decided to utilize the Time Capsule as a network hard drive and now I back up that way from my MacBook wirelessly.

    In conclusion I feel like this system is very much worth the money if your concerned about getting what you pay for with your service provider and have a lot of devices in your home and you need a lot of square feet coverage.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Super easy setup, blazing speed!! 4.95 Stars!!!

    • Written by Karen Y from Brownsville

    I am an Apple fan through and through. My entire home is Apple based products, devices, computers, network, etc... so it was really hard to admit that there was anything wrong with my Apple network.

    That said, a friend of mine who is also an Apple fanatic decided to try the Linksys Velop after dealing with constant connectivity issues, which is the same thing I was experiencing with my Apple airport devices. Out of frustration (signal just drops off and I have already performed multiple troubleshooting attempts with my Apple devices), I finally decided to give this a try.

    First thought is WOW! It was super easy to set up. Had the entire network set up in less than 20 minutes. I have the elite Spectrum internet plan which offers 100mps.... I am getting, consistently, 140mps on this Velop. The best part is that I don't lose the signal! It has been running for over a week now and it hasn't lost connectivity once!!

    I set it up via my iPad and also have it on my phone. The software is easy to use, lets you see what's connected, whats not and allows for so many additional features such as "prioritization", which is really cool.

    I would give it 5 stars except for one thing.... the software shows connectivity strength in bars like most typical wifi icons, but this is inaccurate in the software. The weird thing is that it will show a single dot (lowest connectivity level) even if it is getting excellent connectivity and speed. In reality, I don't really care what shows up, in as long as I get the speed I should be getting and this device does exactly that.

    Sadly, my Airport devices are going up for sale because the Velop is amazing.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Once set up works well

    • Written by Dylan L from Ridgewood

    This device works really well as a replacement for the Apple Airport devices. Set up was a little frustrating. Make sure to plug in one device at a time, set it up first and then plug the next one in to set up the network extensions. Overall really happy with it. The Airports were getting slow and needed repeated restarts. So far no issues with the Linksys devices

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by edgar V from Ewa Beach

    My wifi works great now but it was very difficult to find an outlet that could accept the big fat power cord head you provided.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy setup

    • Written by Wilma B from North Andover

    The linksys app on the iPhone was used to setup the two node system. It was easy to follow and quick. My only comment on the setup is that the led color on the unit is fusia and not purple. The signal strength and coverage is all I need. I like the dashboard option which lists all my devices connected. It shows Apple devices, smart WIFI thermostats, printers and Alexa. You will need to buy a CAT-5/6 hub if you have hard-wired equipment since the node has only a single intranet connection.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Velop 2

    • Written by Joseph C from Marina Del Rey

    Installation was relatively simple and the system seems to work. Some issues with Printer when using Google Chrome but Okay with Safari

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good product, with decent coverage

    • Written by Logan W from San Jose

    Keeps consistent connection strength in my multiroom home.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Solved multiple issues

    • Written by Reid G from Burlington

    Had been running old Apple Airport Extreme base station on a line ISP said was getting 120 Mbs. Showed less than 40 Mbs on speed tests and no bars in back yard, so no streaming music by the pool :-( Picked up 2 pack Velop system and was up and running in about an hour with wireless printer hooked up as wll. Speed test by the pool at 127 Mbs. Not an inexpensive fix but great feel to the product, good interface and easy set up with my iPhone and my wife didn't say that they were ugly! May buy a third node for upstairs, but seems to be good without it

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy and Smooth

    • Written by Chadd M from Calgary

    Fast and easy setup with my airport still connected.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Unit

    • Written by Robert G from Long Beach

    Fast Internet

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very easy to setup, with some minor glitches

    • Written by Brian P from Montvale

    The mobile app worked very well for initial setup and there have only been minor glitches that I've been able to resolve with a hard reset of both nodes. Coverage is great and seamless on the client side.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great System

    • Written by Chris L from Columbia

    This is a Great System!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good coverage

    • Written by Derick D

    This Mesh router is easy to install and setup and works very good. I recommend this to anyone who has a fairly large house with spotty WIFI coverage. I have 2 floors and a basement and started to get 3 the 3 NOD Pack. However, after installing the 2 pack, (1 on each floor) the entire house, the front yard and backyard is fully covered.

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