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    Ace airborne camera

    I don't do much video, although the Spark makes it fun to learn some airborne tricks. But I love taking photos from the air, in particular straight down. It's a small sensor and you can't do much zooming in post-processing before detail starts to look a little messy, but at 100% the quality is great.

    I'm still getting used to the iOS interface, using the iPhone SE in my case, but there is a lot of information and the control with the remote controller is very good.

    The image stabilisation is pretty good in the two axes, but you have to hold the "camera" still with careful controlling if you don't want camera shake in low light – just like a normal camera.

    Finally, the Spark is a small camera drone so I'm happy to have it with me all the time. The flight time is not a limitation for me, nor is the range limit; the Spark is a serious drone which gives me great enjoyment.

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