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    The Ultimate Ultimate Ears!

    It seems that great things come in very small and portable packages. I have bought lots of these for friends and family because in my opinion the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is the greatest portable speaker of all time!
    This little speaker sounds huge! you can actually feel the bass because of the supremely engineered enclosure and passive radiators coupled with the outstanding full-range loudspeaker drivers. The response is clean and lively throughout the frequency range, the dynamic range is incredible, and the WONDERBOOM excels at any music genre. I also believe that the WONDERBOOM may be indestructible.
    There are no apps for this speaker; you just connect via Bluetooth and enjoy with simplicity, beauty and style. although you can connect two WONDERBOOM's together there is no stereo separation option sadly but the 360º output of a single WONDERBOOM can produce a lovely stereo soundstage. When using two together in the middle of a room you can point the speakers volume controls towards each other and you then have correctly oriented stereo on either side of the pair.
    I have used Bluetooth speakers almost 3 times as expensive but conclude that this budget option is also the Ultimate option. The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is the ultimate Ultimate Ears!

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