• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Without battery life it's just a cup!

    • Written by Det K from MILTON

    Nice idea... nice shape and feel. But no battery life worth the idea. You may get two hours of temperature at 120, if you're lucky.

    Obviously, this is not enough. I sit at the desk for much longer than that on my days off. Without better battery technology it's a waste of money. You get one heating out of it and then the battery needs recharging.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Never Worked!

    • Written by Paul A from Flat Rock

    Received this mug as a Xmas gift and after setting up and charging for 24 hours, nothing! The light was glowing on off while charging but would not respond when setting up with app. Tried disconnecting, doing a factory reset, and reconnecting and plugging into a differenet outlet, but no go! So, I contacted Ember support, they first asked me to make sure the plugs were free of debris! Next day, asked me to take a photo of the pins, sent them one of the saucer at an angle to reflect the pins were popping out above the plat in order to make contact with the bottom of the mug and sent another photo of the end of the cord to show no debris, and the saucers female connection to show nothing was blocking, which if the light was powering on and blinking should tell you it was connected. The weekend came, didn't hear, then on Monday I received an email, the third, requesting I send the mug to them to check it! Really!! It is a new mug, how about shipping me out a new one, I would have gladly given my CC to hold until broken mug was returned!!!
    Sorry folks, Ember is not how good customer service is supposed to work!!! Mug was returned, and no I would not recommend any product from this company!

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