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    Works Great, but Heavy

    • Written by Elieza L from Elk Grove

    I’m a college student who tries to use their iPad to take notes or write papers on the go, and I purchased this case/ keyboard in order for me to do so. The case/keyboard works wonderfully, but their are a few cons that I experienced in using the product. The first is the case/keyboard can make the iPad weigh more than it actually is, which adds more weight to my already heavy backpack. The second con is when I try to write my notes on the iPad my hand keeps hitting the top of the case since the top of the case sticks out more. Overtime it can get a little irritating. But overall the product is great and useful.

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    Hard restart fixed keys not working

    • Written by Michael B from Griffith

    Yes, I replaced my Logitech slim-combo keyboard because some of the keys stopped working. Yes, the problem recurred with the replacement keyboard. I powered the iPad off and then after a while powered it back on. Its worked perfectly since then, which would have been a couple of months ago. Seeing as that's all I had to do, why didn't Logitech or the Apple store tell me, before I went to all the effort of replacing it?

    How to Completely Power Down Your iPad - Turning Off Your iPad with the Power Button
    Find your iPad's "Sleep/Wake" button.
    Hold down the "Sleep/Wake" button.
    Release the "Sleep/Wake" button when prompted.
    Swipe right the "slide to power off" switch.
    Wait for your iPad's screen to go completely black.

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