• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Sound Quality is Wonderful

    • Written by AC H from Brooklyn

    While I agree that the case and cord quality mentioned by another reviewer isn't the best, the sound quality is truly wonderful. I chose the H9is after comparing a lot of other high-end closed-back headphones, and these cans are rich, immersive and balanced. If you prioritize noise canceling over sound, go for the Bose, but if you want to get lost in your tunes, these are worth the splurge.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Vs the Bose QC35 II

    • Written by Derek S from SAN DIEGO

    I got both to compare, so:

    1) Bose wins on rich sound. It smoothes out areas and you get an overall louder / softer sound experience IMO.it hides some of the flaws i hear with the B&O
    2) B&O wins in overall soundstage, and "true sound" like unfiltered how it was recorded, which is good if you're hi-fi music head or whatever, and your music is sampled at a high rate and you want all of that to come through. Plus the mids are much cleaner.
    3) comfort is a push, but i think bose wins out with the designs.
    4) the B&O touch system is generally not great. If you go to adjust your headset and you touch the metal, you can change the volume, or stop the play, and when you go back to fix it you might swipe wrong and go to the next track, or stopped, or volume down, and your lost, and you pull your phone out which defeats the purpose of controls.
    5) bose connecting to multiple devices and switching is good if youre normally switching devices (laptop / phone / tablet / personal speaker etc) actually, its great in that regard.
    6) bose wins longevity. 14H a charge for B&O means if you're international and using them from home to airport to flight you're going to run out of battery unless you buy an additional one (excessive) vs the 20H with bose that will cover pretty much any international trip comfortably.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Outstanding Sound Quality

    • Written by Nicholas K from Ellsworth

    The product is fantastic with only two areas of improvement. These are worth the money if you value sound quality. The headphones have a feature that pauses audio when the headphone is removed (on bluetooth). However, I find this to not work very well and the audio stops playing until the headphone is situated just right. I would also prefer a hard case rather than the soft pouch. A great headphone.

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