• 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Paul V G from Subiaco

    I'm a musician, classical , Jaz and blues (love all sorts too including ethnic) so these head shines need to cope with a wide rage of sound requirements and I'm very fussy with my sound! I am a professional musician and was a sound engineer......obsessive with sound!

    Thees are the best I have heard on the market.....sooooooo glad I got these as I'm loving listing to loads of music something I haven't done in years because of poor sound!

    the saved me thousands setting up a HI fin system!,

    just get them, they are THE BEST! worth every cent

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best I have tried at this price

    • Written by Sven L from san francisco

    I have quite a few headphones, and these are now my go to. Surprisingly, I like these better that my wired Denon D2000 (plugged into an $1800 headphone amp). I'm a semi-audiophile, and am blown away that bluetooth can sound this good. The Denons are warm and musical, image better and technically perform better, but the H9i just feels better somehow, particularly for extended listening. The sound is typical B&O: crisp, defined (but non-fatiguing) highs, solid, driving (but not overhyped or boomy) bass. Sort of "stereotypical" hi-fi - detailed, broad, flat frequency response that feels luxurious, if not as good of a soundstage as some of the better wired cans. Not as light as the H7, they are still extremely light, and the curve of the band hits the top of my head better. They are very high quality and solid, miles beyond the plasticky Beats, Bose or Sony. The noise cancelling is quite good, maybe not as effective as the Bose. But I'll take the more musical sound quality and better construction over Bose. Everyone complains about the controls. They're really not that bad once you get used to them, aside from the proximity sensor, which is garbage and can be disabled. Pairing is fine, once you get used to how they do so. They can be a little wonky when you have multiple pared devices but totally workable. The don't have aptx (Which the previous models did), which is only an issues if you want to use non-apple devices. I picked up a used pair of H7s for watching TV using a transmitter that doesn't support AAC, and that solved that problem. I highly recommend these if you value musicality and quality over trendiness. A little more pricey, but worth it IMO. If you don't want to pay this amount there are always used buying options.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Unbelievable Sound with Excellent ANC - best of all worlds

    • Written by Gregory R from Chester

    After reading the prior reviews I was hesitant to pull the trigger on these but I am quite happy I did. To start, yes, they come with a cloth bag and utilize a USB-A to USB-C charge cord. Okay... not an issue for me I guess. The headphones are built like a tank and when in the cloth bag fold away easily into my bag. You just don’t need a rigid case with these. When you hold them you’ll understand. What does matter to me is the sound quality and the function of the ANC.

    The sound quality is unparalleled compared to any ANC headset on the market as of this writing. Bose doesn’t come close and Sony can compete (to be fair, Sony’s flagship utilizes 2 lossless playback mechanisms whereas the B+O do not) but the soundstage that these produce compared to either the Sony or Bose flagship headphones doesn’t even belong in the same ballpark... it’s way ahead of either of them. And I have 2 sets of Bose... they have permanently taken a back seat now.

    As for the ANC quality - it’s perfect. When I use any Bose ANC product (which I do think had the best overall ANC engine on the market) I feel like you are in a vacuum. If you want that (some do... they want everything drowned out) those are definitely your jam. However, these have an excellent, strong, yet subtle ANC with easy use of on-board gestures to let in voices and noise as needed. They are perfect on flights, work (when I want everything else blotted out) and just about every situation for which I’ve wanted ANC.

    Finally, as stated, no other build quality even comes close to these. They are literally made of leather and heavy aluminum - an amazingly strong combo. They come with a changeable battery (meaning you can extend their life by years) and given the build quality, I expect this to be the case.

    There are some cons - none of which would dissuade me from purchasing again - the proximity sensor is a bit funky. They pause automatically when you take them off the ears - but turning your head occasionally sets it off as well (you can disengage this if you desire - I haven’t bothered). And of course - cost. Are they really worth 500 dollars? Well, I wanted amazing sounded Headphones that had excellent ANC. And that’s exactly what I got. For me, Bose are the opposite (amazing ANC with decent sound) but the Sony Flagship ANCs come close. I’d still take these over them... they sound better and are just built better. They are exactly what I want in headphones.

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