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    Failed suddenly after 24 mths and crashes any connected Mac

    • Written by Edward B from London

    My Ultrafine 4k monitor I purchased from Apple in 2017 has suddenly started crashing my MacBook Pro. I'm unable to update firmware with LG Screen manager - even remoting in as it freezes whilst the monitor plugged in via USB-C. Tried another MBP and a mac-mini and the same happens, screen blank and computer freezes. Needless to say it's out of warranty. I don't think I have ever bought anything digital that has failed so quickly. I understand from the forums that many other customers have had the same issue & the 22MD4KA has been withdrawn from sale by Apple, but now seems to have re-appeared. It was great while it lasted, but now I have a £600 brick that's out of warranty.

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    Be mindful of the connectivity

    • Written by Weizong C from Borehamwood

    I've read some reviews about the 27 inch monitors. It had some bad reviews about connectivity in the early days then seemed to be fixed after a while. As this 24 Inch one is new product and I thought it would be ok. However the £629 monitor doesn't wake up like my £50 one in my office doe when I press a key.

    I still like the display, will possibly keep it and just wait Apple or LG to update their software.

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    Find another monitor

    • Written by Thomas P from Santa Monica

    OK- I have had this beautiful monitor for four months and well there's a serious defect that LG and Apple are not telling us. Apparently, through my research, the RFI ( radio frequency interference) shielding on the monitor is defective and because of that, the monitor goes off and then back on at random intervals. Very frustrating. I have installed RFI reduction magnetics on every cord, I've purchased copper fabric and draped it over the monitor, moved equipment, etc. My router is 6 ft away from the monitor, my MacBook Pro within 2 ft, as that makes sense right? I have tried to cover, move and hide every electrical device near the monitor - which OBTW is a lot, because, well I have a computer.

    OK - just got off the phone with senior customer support advisor Sean. He said call LG it's an LG product. I said, but I bought from Apple with the understanding (come to find out is wrong) that Apple vetted the products they sell. Sean said they did not. Nice.

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    Beautiful display, but wont ever go to sleep

    • Written by Brendan F from mercer island

    Works great in every way, except one critical issue. When you first plug it in, the screen goes bright white. When your computer sleeps, its bright white again, it never seems to turn off. I've contacted LG support multiple times about this, they say it's a defect in my monitor and it needs to be repaired. I'm going to return it to the Apple store and try another one, but I'm not very hopeful since this is a brand new model.

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