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    Laptop Becomes Desktop

    • Written by Peter R from Wimbledon

    I waited until this year to go laptop based for my studio. I have a screen, video ref, thunderbolt sound card, SSDs, hard drives, studio monitors, usb hubs, wired networking and countless peripherals connected in the studio. I went from a 2013 Mac Pro to the 2019 i9 MacBook Pro and wanted everything to work the same way but with the added bonus of one central portable computer, rather than having a fixed desktop and a separate laptop to coordinate.

    Well, this does exactly that. I have the dock plugged into the trigger socket on a UPS and so now when I arrive I plug in a single Thunderbolt3 USBC connector and the entire rig switches on and works just like before. I even close the lid of the laptop and run it all day with temps between 55 and 70 degrees if it’s a heavy mix day. Oftentimes it’ll sit around 60 degrees which, for an 8 core i9 560X is fine by me.

    I do use a second port on the MacBook Pro for the audio interface as I keep the video output device permanently connected to the Caldigit via Apple’s TB3 -> TB2 adapter and this works great. I’ve even plugged in one of my FireWire 800 devices by daisy chaining TB3 -> TB2 and TB2 -> FW800 adapters ... again, just works. I also run a USB3 hub off the back of the Caldigit for another 8 ports and this also works perfectly. I’ve now run several sound design and VO sessions and had actually forgotten I was laptop based it works so flawlessly. The Caldigit obviously handles a lot of data flowing through with no problems whatsoever. It’s also a lot smaller than you may imagine, and is passively cooled. It does have a chunky power supply as well - since it charges the laptop you don’t need to carry the power adapter and it maintains full power when under load so no noticeable drain.

    This is not in the same category as the small multi port docks you can get to carry around in your laptop bag - I have one of those for use on the road - this is for installing somewhere like an office or studio where you plan to use your laptop often and need to connect a bunch of kit and treat your laptop like a fully decked out desktop.

    In many ways, the 2013 Mac Pro design prepared me well for this move. By separating out the brain of the setup, Apple made this transition really easy as all my SSDs, drives and peripherals were already external. The fact that I was able to go from a 2013 Mac Pro to this dock and a laptop with no adjustment speaks for the quality of this devices. I just with I had one for home as well!

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    Extremely well made and reliable

    • Written by Luke R from La Habra

    I previously used the Plugable 3 TB3 dock... it was awful.

    If you jingled the cables, they would disconnect. (not great when you're editing off your raid)

    My monitor would flicker, and my MacBook Pro would sometimes just display a black screen and I'd have to reboot it.

    I have none of these issues with the CalDigit. It's extremely well made, and it's gorgeous to look at. It has high speed USB-C ports too, unlike the Plugable and for the same price.

    Highly recommend this.

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    Best Thunderbolt Dock Ever

    • Written by David A from Dubai

    Im never compelled to write reviews but this is honestly a great product. It feels rock solid, looks nice on my desk, charges my MBP and adds a ton of ports.
    I used with my iMac 2019 fully spec connecting my Eizo monitor CG279X via the display port, my Promise Technology Pegasus3 R8 via the thunderbolt 3 output, adding my kEF speakers trough the S/PDIF audio, plus my Wacom Intuos Pro via USB 3.0 Type-A, using my G-Technology 2TB G-DRIVE R-Series USB 3.1 via the USB 3.1 Type-C, and having all these connections with full speed and on top having the card reader SDXC UHS-II, honestly it's a big deal.
    I was working with this setup for almost 15 days, 10 hours each day and having no issue.
    This product took me back to not buy the iMac Pro due the lack of the thunderbolt output on the iMac.
    Great job for CalDigit.

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    2019 MacBook Air Approves

    • Written by Peter Y from Diamond bar

    Just purchased a MacBook Air and needed something to connect to my old stuff and a 4K monitor. There are a lot of choices, but Apple did their homework and I know now why this is in their store. The reviews across the web for the dock are solid, but the TS3 Plus is even more impressive when you hold it in your hand. It is solidly built. Most docks have to be laid flat, and I like how this can be both. The vertical orientation is what I settled on and It has been a great for photo editing. I got a full desktop workspace out of this lightweight MacBook Air because of this dock, and I couldn't be happier.

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    This is the dock to get if you want to keep your old Thunderbolt Display

    • Written by Jose R from Melrose

    Should've bought it earlier. Works perfectly with my old 27" Thunderbolt Display (via Apple's TB2 to USB-C adapter) allowing me to keep my Thunderbolt 2 external drives. Also provides full 87W of power to my new 15" MBP, Gigabit ethernet, 4k HDMI and plenty of USB 3 ports. Plus, just one cable to connect to your Mac!! Not cheap, but once you factor in the cost of an additional 87W charger it becomes more reasonable. Believe the reviews, this is the dock to get.

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    Works great with macOS & bootcamp/Windows 10

    • Written by Andrew R from Sunnyvale

    I had a hard time weeding through all of the reviews to find a Thunderbolt 3 dock or monitor that works with a MacBook Pro running macOS and Windows using bootcamp. I also read about sleep problems. I've tested the CalDigit TS3 Plus on both Mojave macOS and Windows 10/bootcamp on a MacBook Pro 2018, including going in and out of sleep with ethernet and USB devices plugged in. Everything appears to be working great. I will update this review if anything changes.

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    The perfect dock

    • Written by Tim M from Scottsdale

    This thing is perfect. I use it to connect to two 4k displays via DisplayPort and a USB-C > DisplayPort adapter. Along with the displays, I have S/PDIF optical audio, multiple USB accessories including USB-C external SSD and mechanical keyboard, Gigabit Ethernet. Plug into a single thunderbolt port and I'm good to go, all while receiving 85W of power. Immediately bought this based on the near perfect reviews across the net and I can say that they are all accurate... very little could be improved with this dock (10Gb ethernet?).

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    A really great dock

    • Written by Scott P

    I tried a few before this one but they either didn't power USB-C devices or they made terrible high-pitched noises when an external display was plugged in. But not this one! It has plenty of ports for power and data, and it's completely quiet. Plus you can store the original power brick in your bag for traveling since this can charge your macBook.

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