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    Great combination charger!

    • Written by Michael C from Waldorf

    I was apprehensive about purchasing this product due to the unusual lack of multiple pictures/views here on the Apple store, however this is a great charger!

    The charging block itself is about the size of a 60-watt MagSafe adapter and is built in a very similar style to Apple’s chargers. When plugged into the wall, the USB-C port is on top, and the USB-A port is on the bottom. There is a round blue light above both of the ports which stays lit at all times when the block is plugged in. The charger’s prongs fold just like a MagSafe adapter (but are not detachable). The charging block can be plugged in upside down, allowing you to plug a MagSafe adapter into the bottom plug and this charger (upside down) in the top plug of of a standard North American power outlet. The USB-C cable seems very high-quality. This is a great product!

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