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    Worked for awhile....

    • Written by Mark S from Fort Pierce

    Had a brand new spare MagSafe charger for my previous MacBook Pro so I bought a converter to have a second charger for my current MBP. I've used it with no problems for the past 3 plus years until recently. Only used it periodically over most of that time, but have used it a lot in the past 8 - 9 months, leaving one charger at work and one at home so I don't have to constantly unplug and wrap it up. The small cord frayed badly at the block on my MagSafe 2, so have been relying on the old one with the converter totally for the past 3-4 months. That is when problems started with the converter.
    Have cleaned it more than once and have been at the point where I spend 5 plus minutes making sure it is charging. Nothing worse than opening up my MacBook to see less than 10% charge after "charging" all night. Last night could not get it to work and when disconnecting it, the magnetic piece stayed in the charging slot separating from the converter!!! Was able to put it back and realized that when pushed in slightly it charges... for now.
    Was going to buy another converter, but after all the bad reviews not sure if spending $10 now and eventually spending $80 for a new complete MagSafe 2 is the way to go. Really don't want to lay out $80 right now!
    Gave it 3 stars because of how long I've used it.

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    Fix The MagSafe Adapter's Failure To Work

    • Written by Gerald B. C from EDGEWOOD

    Matthew G from Princeton on May 8, 2016 wrote that to correct the non-working of a MagSafe Adapter is to attach the Adapter to the computer FIRST and then connect the Power Cable to the Adapter.


    I do not how Mr. G stumbled upon/devined how to achieve such a fix, but it worked! for me, but only sometimes.

    I believe the better fix has to do with clearing microscopic debris from the connector pins that do not always allow power to be passed through the adapter. At least, when done in combination, that dual process works better for me.

    Maybe it's the spring-loaded pins!

    Great product idea, but poorly manufactured, I believe.

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    Can stop working with some power supplies.

    • Written by Michael H from Philadelphia

    I have 4 MagSafe 1 PSs and 3 adapters. Two of the power supplies have stopped working with the adapters; the other 2 power supplies still work. The faulty supplies sorta work: the MacBook knows it has a power supply attached (the screen brightens and the menu icon shows a lightning bolt), but the cable light stays off and the battery level does not go up OR down, it maintains at its current percentage. Very odd.

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