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    It wasn't working but then...

    • Written by Kerry M from SouthampTon

    I found a way!! Like many other reviewers, this expensive cable connected fine but nothing was happening. It flashed up "uses too much power" on my iPad Pro.
    I then connected the camera via the USB 3 power connector/adaptor thing and my iPhone 7 which was charging via the plug. Connected the three together and voila, my Nikon D50 imported straight to my IPhone 7 no problem. It wouldn't work with my iPad as there was clearly not enough battery life/ power remaining on it. It only worked on my iPhone when it was charged to over 50%. For those reviewers who have the same flashing "not enough power" make sure the apple device is fully charged and hopefully it should then work.

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    warning of drawing to much power

    • Written by George H from Troutdale

    I pad air 2. apple adapter to camera used to work and then it stopped.. After trying a different camera it worked. Found out that in camera menu there was a setting for USB power... I turned this off and now the apple adapter works find on my iPad 2 air and my iPad mini 4 and both cameras.
    Actually my Sony camera menu option was USB power supply---either on or off.. Adapter did not work when this was on---you need to turn it off.

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    Primary Use streaming Music Apps / Audio to Chord Hugo DAC Headphone Amp.

    • Written by Ronald B from Cerritos

    Caution: now on my second new L-CCK after a year or so fairly good experience with the first, a success. But, look out for pop ups reading "Accessory is not supported by iPad", oh, and thinking, it could not be the Apple Product, well it was! Proof - bought a replacement, yes laid out $$$$ again, and now it (new one one) works... Asked around... Learned that L-CCK just does not last forever, well, I guess nothing does, but only after a year or so, come on Apple, who are you kidding...my advice Make a better product by improving durability!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Work perfectly with Canon eos 7D or 60D with ipad mini 2

    • Written by Geoffrey V from Brussels

    This is the perfect cable to do video/photo backup on the field,you can import h264 movie/jpeg and raw(CR2) from canon eos 7D and canon eos 60d into an ipad mini 2,and later download them from the ipad into desktop computer using image capture
    I would say the only downside is the high price

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    Well, this is part of the rich fabric of Apple orifices.

    • Written by ian M from CLECKHEATON

    First, there is an absolute cure to 99% of issues this USB/camera to lightning adapter/adaptor fails to solve - add a powered USB hub somehow. 100mAh is the limit any device is permitted to draw apparently, but of course that’s not all that can go wrong.

    Apple it seems - deducing from my IT work - send a ‘ping’ signal down cables to check if they are their own brand. If this test signal is as I believe, a similar phenomenon to ethernet cables requiring the correct impedence and terminator, then it has nothing to do with functionality and entirely a fabricated test designed to catch 3rd party cables out.

    This camera adapter/adaptor is really good - I am using it now to have a USB keyboard work with my ipad because Apple systematically worked through all sorts of foibles to block bluetooth keyboards they don’t approve of, from working properly with their kit. Thus, a Bluetooth keyboard of 2016 vintage, will probably not now work to any usable extent, and I have gone through 4 different makes, before giving up and happily using the old wired USB way, which connects instantly and does not drop out as the bt ones do (now). As long as your keybd is miserly with current.

    A great little expensive adapter, works, and increasingly, Apple make sure nothing else does.

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