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    I guess it's like a subscription.

    • Written by David F from West Hartford

    I use the iPad pro and it's pencil for work. I have to make hundreds of drawings per week. I've had it for two years and in that time I've had to buy two new pencils. I suspect many of you know why. They just stop working. Not very "Pro" if you ask me.

    It's happened yet again so I'm now about to go buy a third pencil only now they have an even more expensive model. Do i trust that one not to die unexpectedly at work? No.

    I couldn't be more angry at Apple for this. It's clear to me through my experience that they've willfully released a self destructing product.

    I'm held hostage to iPad due to my love of the app Procreate and I'm not interested in switching to a new drawing program. So here I go again to buy yet another pencil. Adios $100. Like I said, a subscription.

    I used to praise this set of tools to my artist friends and colleagues. Now I do the exact opposite.

    Get it together Apple.

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    Price is too much

    • Written by Abir A from Palo Alto

    New Apple pencil has launched in last October. Still the old one's sold for $99! Really disappointing. For those who use iPad for education and learning, this ridiculous price just drives them away from Apple's ecosystem.

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    Poor life on the Apple Pencil 2 due to battery and BT pairing

    • Written by Henry S from St. Augustine

    I must say that both the design and the options for dealing with the inherently poor running time/battery life of the Apple Pencil 2 & iPad Pro 10.5" are way less than I expected and was promised at Apple.

    When I bought my iPad, I heard nothing but good things about the combo or the Apple Pencil with the iPad. The reality is that it's a poor performer mostly due to the short life and lack of sleep control of the pencil device. IMO, there should be a away to shut it off automatically and pair it again as was described for me to do manually after each use. I take off TWO STARS in rating the quality of this Pencil as a result of NO POWER CONTROL and SHORT BATTERY LIFE.

    I'LL TAKE OFF ONE MORE STAR FOR APPLE SUPPORT ADVISOR POOR knowledge of this issue which has been mentioned now at many, many (Non-Apple) places. Is this some well-undisclosed feature? I don't think so! I will say that when it's on, the Pencil is quite responsive, though short lived.

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    Love, hate relationship

    • Written by Brittany D from Presto

    I bought my apple pencil a little over a year ago before starting Optometry school. When it works, it is the BEST thing. It feels just like writing with a real pen and paper. It makes studying so much easier for me. However, after not even a year of having it, it broke and I had to get replaced. Now, it is currently not working again and I am probably going to have to replace it AGAIN. Clearly there are a lot of things that need to be fixed with the quality and durability of this product. For a more expensive stylus I expect and demand better. I hope they can make it with a longer lifespan because it truly does work amazing when it works.

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    Regret this purchase

    • Written by Melina B from Brooklyn

    I purchased my first iPad this year (iPad 2018) which is one my most prized and life-changing devices I’ve purchased. I also decided to purchase the pencil along with it because I felt it was practical and a eco-friend. I’m a student who became increasingly conscious of how much paper I waste as scrap to draw diagrams or solve problems. I also LOVE using it while I paint my nails or am eating finger foods. The lag is microscopically small so it’s wonderful to write with but I’m not reviewing it for its functionality.

    There are just far too many small details that make owning one such an annoyance that I honestly regret the purchase, even if it made iPad use easier. It’s literally just its physical design. I hate it. I haven’t been able to toss that box it came in because all the required/spare parts are loose; the charging bit (female-female) and an extra tip for the pencil itself when the original wears out, are unsecured. Not even a little pouch or clear baggy. They are very small and misplacing them is inevitable. Second, charging is such a pain because you have to remove the top (which begins to lose its magentism it seems; it comes off much easier now than it did several months ago), place the original top in a secure location while it charges since there is no storage pouch, and wait for it to charge for who-knows-how-long because there is NO way to tell. You also can NOT use it while it’s charging. I was surprised to find it’s unusable while connecting to an Apple adapter! Lastly, I have no where to store this $100 device anywhere. There is no stand-alone pencil holder for this. I either have to put it back in its packaging box or keep an eye on it. Believe me, you WILL get tired of this.

    I don’t want people to underestimate how cumbersome it is OUTSIDE of its functionality. The design isn’t sensible at all. Not an even a cord in which one end connects to the cap and the other to the body of the pencil itself? What about a cap that’s hinged to the pencil? Or having the charging slot within the actual device, like all other devices? I mean really who designed this? This is what Apple employees believed was worth $100, before taxes? How embarrassing. And disappointing. I don’t know if they knew about these obvious deficiencies and let them be, to continue having people purchase their next pencils, one slightly better than the other. Not even interested in the improved version or 2nd Apple Pencil model at this point.

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    Slippery, zero grip

    • Written by Carlo M from BLACKTOWN

    Too slippery that it's uncomfortable to use. simple solution but shouldnt be needed: cheap rubber band to add grip.

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    Worked okay while it lasted

    • Written by Jeremy M from West bloomfield

    The stylus was nice until it stopped working only a few months in. Very disappointed with the quality of this one specific product.

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    Very sensative They don’t last long

    • Written by Abraham H from Nashua

    I love using my ipad pro 12.9 with the apple pencil for art. I use them everyday as I am a tattoo artist. With that said my pencils last maybe a month before they stop working due to dropping i asume. I use them often so yes the roll off the desck etc. At &100 each I spend about that much a month or so to keep replacing. I’m fed up I have a graveyard of useless apple pencils that dont work and today i dropped my pencil and it no longer works. Unfortunatly I cant afford another at the moment so I will return to using a stylus with my pc.

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    • Written by Trevor B

    If you are having issues connecting your pencil to the iPad, please do the following. Go into Bluetooth settings, turn it on, click on Apple Pencil where it says its not connected. Forget the device, turn off Bluetooth, turn it back on, plug in pencil to iPad, and it should repair the device and be working. It’s not an actual battery issue, its a software issue where if the pencil loses signal for so long it wont connect at all to the iPad, even with a 100% charge.

    This was my problem when I tried to use my pencil after not using it for about a month. If you have another issue with it other than what I had, I wish you the best of luck and I hope my steps help you possibly reclaim the life of your Apple Pencil.

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    And I'd add: It's slippery

    • Written by Marc F from Lachine

    In addition to most cons to which I agree with (lack of functions, pricy, low battery performance, etc.), I'd add the pencil slips out of your grip easily especially when trying to apply higher pressure on the screen. Yes - the very shinny surface looks good, but a grainier finish or another material would have been more than welcome on the grip area. I added masking tape and sometimes I add rubber bands.

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    Very disappointed

    • Written by Peter E from HALIFAX

    I bought this along with 6th Gen iPad to eliminate the use of paper, and I wished I hadn't bothered. It is very expensive to buy, the cap is very easy to lose, and is $20 to replace.
    Battery life is very poor but it does charge quickly. I also have to keep plugging mine into my iPad to "renew" the connection, otherwise it doesn't work if you haven't used it for a day or two.
    As others have mentioned, it is too long, has no standard pocket clip and no convenient way to attach to iPad. Also, why can't it have an eraser on the other end the same the Microsoft one?

    I am going to try and sell mine and buy another brand instead

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    Works well, but life expectancy is way too short

    • Written by Jeff G from Wilson

    I used my apple pencil without an issue for almost a year. Then I didn't use it for about 6 weeks. The battery drained during that time. When I tried to charge it, the charging symbol would appear, but it would not accept a charge. The battery is not replaceable in this product. I took it to an Apple store, and they offered a replacement for $79.99 (it was out of warranty by the time I took it to them). I declined. That's a lot of money for a non-serviceable product that failed in about a year.

    The tapping sound on the iPad screen is distracting, especially to others in meetings. I also found it inconvenient that it has no pocket clip. I used the pencil regularly to make notes and drawings when estimating jobs in the field. For this application, a pocket clip would be very helpful. It seems that Apple chose the sleek design over functionality. The tip is easily damages if the pencil is dropped. It seems foolish to me that Apple designed a product that charges via a ridiculously small lightning cable adapter that is easily lost. That should have been built into the cap. The other option is to plug it into the tablet's charging port, but this creates a risky situation of the plug on the pencil being damaged or broken if the pencil is bumped while it's plugged in.

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    Stylus Redesign

    • Written by SHARON L from Redwood City

    I was given the Apple stylus for my birthday and I was so excited. After using, it I felt that it was too cumbersome to store. It’s too big and clumsy . I wish it would have a clip so that I could pin it on my cover of my iPad or shorter. The tip fell off and I lost it so it cannot be used now.

    I also found out that I had to recharged it. It was too troublesome to use, I had to revert to my cheap $4 stylus. It is not even compatible to my bamboo app. It’s sad. It was an expansive gift but not too usable.

    Please improve the pen.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Short battery life and poor writing feel , miles away from the Surface pen

    • Written by L J M from Champaign

    I am a long-term user of both Apple product and Microsoft surface line (I own the surface 3, surface book 13 inch and a new surface book 15 inch). The current apple pencil is nowhere near the performance of the Surface pen comes with the Surface tablet/laptop line. The battery life with the apple pencil is so short that you will frequently face the situation of picking up the apple pen to write down some important notes, but finding out it is out of juicy. The other major issue is the tip made of a solid plastic, and there is no damping. Writing on the glass surface of an ipad/pro is like striking a glassy surface with a glass stick, not only making a lot of noise while writing, but also the writing experience is so awkward compared with the smooth, well-damped tip design of the surface pen which resembles the feeling of writing on a piece of paper so well. I see plenty of comments saying how much people love the precise drawing experience, and I have no intention of arguing against all the personal experiences. But if you have indeed compared the apple pencil and the surface pen side-by-side, as I am doing this every single day, then the apple pencil has a long way to catch teh refinement of the surface pen.
    Something for Apple to consider, maybe things could be getting better in the next version of the apple pencil. I hope!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Use it or lose it

    • Written by Gabriel G from Carmel

    Left my apple pencil in my desk for a month. Now it is completely useless. Must be a battery issue but no warranty so I'm out of luck. If this issue is ever fixed I would be first in line to buy another one though, I loved it so much. I used it to draw pictures, create logos, and draw up engineering specs. It was amazing. Key word.. WAS.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great device but poor design

    • Written by Pedr D from Kenthurst

    I have had my pencil for 2 days and the cap has already fallen off, for such an expensive device you would not expect this.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple pen is already chipping and cracking

    • Written by Anh-Hong A from Riverside

    I absolutely love my apple pen and iPad Pro. However, there are some flakes. The charger adapter is literally cracking in half long ways. The pen cap is chipping around the edges. They should make quality products for this price point. I am super careful with my pen never dropping it and always storing it safely. This is not acceptable.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Charge Apple Pencil sometimes!

    • Written by Sergei K from Sunnyvale

    It was sad, that after receiving Apple Pencil as gift, I play only for 2-3 weeks with it and store properly on the shelf. After 1.5 years I decided to unpack it back and draw something in Procreate. The Pencil was dead. It didn't pair/connect with the iPad, because of without periodical charge - battery is slowly dying. Apple didn't replace battery in the pencil, so here we are - buy new one instead. There is big discussion thread on discussions.apple about the problem. Be careful

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great but is a royal pain to own

    • Written by Gary B from Honolulu

    I bought the Pencil to work with my iPad Pro.

    It is without a doubt the most “un-Apple” product I’ve ever bought from Apple.
    The ability to turn the pencil upside down and use as an eraser - the most natural, intuitive thing in the world - is prevented - becuase the eraser end is where the charging/paring plug is. It is concealed under a very easy to lose cap. Every time you want to charge the pencil - you are going to have to remove and keep track of the cap.

    And to connect it the charger, you need to have with you the little female-female adapter that is provided with the pencil. So it’s fish the adaptor out, connect it to the wall charger cable. There is no indicator on the pencil itself as to state of charge.

    So after leaving it charging for a while, you have to disconnect it, store the tiny adaptor in a place you can find it later and then replace the connector cap on the pencil.

    Did I mention you have to keep track of all these tiny parts for the pencil to work?

    The pencil works fine but gosh, the total ownership experience at this price point is a head scratcher - and you would have an expectation of a better user experience than this from Apple.

    If you have to get it go ahead - but if possible wait for a version 2 to see if any of this needless busy work is eliminated.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Needs improvements.

    • Written by Leah S from silver spring

    Overall, I'm undecided on how I feel about the ipad pro+apple pencil. For reference, I had a samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition before it broke, and it was way ahead of its time in terms of stylus use. I switched to apple because I've had the least amount of laggy interface issues/crashes with ios vs android or windows.
    The good: I'm a student but also an artist, so the surface pro and pencil weren't precise enough for me. There are some really great apps that take advantage of palm-blocking and can customize the pressure curve when drawing. It's a well-balanced piece of hardware and good for note-taking.I liked the S-pen except for how tiny it was. I have small hands and it was still pretty uncomfortable.
    The meh:
    -Bluetooth connectivity seems to be the standard for these kinds of styli, but it'd be much better to follow in the s-pen's footsteps and have a stylus that doesn't need to be charged separately. You can't use the apple pencil while it's charging even if it's attached to an outlet, but the S-pen draws power wireless from the tablet so yeah, potentially shorter battery life, but outlets are EVERYWHERE and the iPad's battery charges really efficiently.
    -It also doesn't attach to the ipad so you'll need to find a case to hold the pencil and its tiny bits (the cap and llightning-to-lightning adapter). So yeah, don't lose it.
    -lack of eraser. It's called a pencil. It should have an eraser.
    The bad: Price and durability have long been sore spots for pencil users.
    -I got mine as a refurb which doesn't make a difference really. Apple needs to offer protection on these things because the material they're made of is super bad at shock absorption. Luckily I've dropped mine maybe once, but it's too slippery and brittle.
    -I've seen a lot of complaints about the battery too, and if apple had a good replacement policy, that'd be one thing, but there's no way to replace the battery so you have to get a new one. If you're lucky, you can get it replaced for free, but otherwise, you pay full price again.

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