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    Unhappy Teacher


    I purchased the Apple Pencil to provide real time notes as I teach math to middle school and find this tool with the Apple TV very helpful. It worked fine in June when school closed. Now this week school opened and it does not work. It pairs, but won’t write. Warranty ended in July. I am so unhappy. Barely had it a year! Now it must be replaced. It was never dropped, and was kept in a protective case. I need it for teaching, but don’t have an extra $100 to spend. I much rather use it on my students than paying Apple for a defective product. Come on Apple— please start making quality products. You used to! I own your computers, iPads, Watch, phone and TV. I’ve had to use my money to replace the TV and now the pencil. Give teachers better discounts. We help parents purchase your products and encourage students to use them.

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    • Written by Trey D from West Columbia

    I wasted almost $100. Don’t get it! The pencil works fine at first, then it just drops completely dead and the only way to use it is by putting it on the charger. I eventually found out no way to get a replacement, and just threw it in the trash, horrible. I will get the Logitech crayon for iPad instead.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Accurate for drawing and writing but too heavy

    • Written by Steven G from Sydney

    Have been using the apple pencil gen 1 for a couple of years. Really happy with the accuracy for drawing and note-taking but this is way too heavy for prolonged use. I regularly need to mark up very long documents with hand written annotations using my ipad. I'm unable to do this with the apple pencil as it triggers horrible RSI pain if I use it for this purpose. I have no problems doing similar work in hardcopy with a normal pen (the apple pencil is about 3x heavier than a ball point pen). I'm also able to do digital markup with a non-bluetooth stylus, which is much lighter -- but then I sacrifice accuracy and palm rejection.

    I understand that this is a specific use case, but I don't think that it would be an uncommon one for the apple pencil. I remember years ago I had a cheap android tablet with an incredibly light and accurate bluetooth stylus built in - so I don't think this is a technological limitation. All my preferred note taking apps are iOS only. I just wish there were a stylus for iOS with the fidelity of the apple pencil but the weight of an S-pen. (And a rubberised tip would be great for better traction and control on the page)

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    Apple pen

    • Written by Kat E from East Meadow

    Great , but you can lose it easily .

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    A good product but.....

    • Written by Cheron B from Fort Pierce

    there are so many things that would make this better. It doesn't have an indicator light to let you know when its charging. Which wouldn't be a big deal if using your iPad to charge wasn't so bad. The connection is loose and the pencil often falls out. Secondly, the adapters and add ons are small and poorly thought. Too many adapters and little small pieces that can easily be lost. When did I have an app for that change to 'we have an adapter for that', or we have a cord for that. Thirdly and most importantly, this pencil needs some type of locator device on it. It is super easy to loose and once its lost you have no way of locating it. And, considering its small size, it will get lost! Last, when you charge it from your iPad, it kills the battery. Its like the battery from your iPad transfers to the pencil.

    Pros: its a good tool with the right application. I love it. I have purchased 2, lost 2, and contemplating a 3rd. If you love to sketch, doodle or draw its a must have,.

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    Poor design

    • Written by Bob old M

    a $100 for a pencil - I don't mind the weight or how quickly it loses a charge but really for $99.00 you couldn't spend another ten cents to figure out a way to keep the top and charging connector located securely with the pen

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    Okay, I Guess

    • Written by Sam V from Avon Lake

    The first thing I want to say is that it is LOUD. I should of done more research before buying. Going to return tomorrow because of the battery issue.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Started Strong but Broke

    • Written by Ben C from Swansea

    To begin my pencil was amazing, making university notes was a lot easier. But after a year or so my pen has began to glitch. I use Notability to write notes and when drawing a line it will cut off in various parts (making it impossible to efficiently write). I have tried tightening, loosening and replacing the pen nib, reconnecting the bluetooth connection and restarting the iPad yet nothing works. I am unable to afford a new one and so am left with a semi broken pen. Before the pen mysteriously broke it was brilliant and I would have recommended.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Life expectancy is too short.

    • Written by Aneudy M from Worcester

    After 7 month of use the pencil would die on a daily basis. By one year the apple pencil wouldn't charge. giving that you pay 100 and only last a year is too much money.

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    It's ok

    • Written by yang N from Fremont

    The battery charges very fast, however, it does not last when being used. Even when it's fully charged and left unused the pencil will completely drain by itself in a few days.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Dies forever if left uncharged

    • Written by Angela A from Lafayette

    Worked very well when I first got it. Didn’t use it for a few days. Battery died and is not serviceable. Will not charge or pair. Is now completely useless. Complete scam as they do not tell you this. Disappointed.

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    Why cant markings be saved??!

    • Written by Karen F from Vancouver

    The pen does a great job of marking up documents - but you cant save them!!! You can only send them to someone else. Of course you can BCC yourself, but then you have 2 copies of the same document. If it is the kind of document that gets revised and you end up with 4 revisions plus 2 versions of each revision....it is too confusing. Why wouldn’t you just be able to save the markings you make for yourself in addition to sending it to others. Seems like a HUGE, GLARING oversight

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    I guess it's like a subscription.

    • Written by David F from West Hartford

    I use the iPad pro and it's pencil for work. I have to make hundreds of drawings per week. I've had it for two years and in that time I've had to buy two new pencils. I suspect many of you know why. They just stop working. Not very "Pro" if you ask me.

    It's happened yet again so I'm now about to go buy a third pencil only now they have an even more expensive model. Do i trust that one not to die unexpectedly at work? No.

    I couldn't be more angry at Apple for this. It's clear to me through my experience that they've willfully released a self destructing product.

    I'm held hostage to iPad due to my love of the app Procreate and I'm not interested in switching to a new drawing program. So here I go again to buy yet another pencil. Adios $100. Like I said, a subscription.

    I used to praise this set of tools to my artist friends and colleagues. Now I do the exact opposite.

    Get it together Apple.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Price is too much

    • Written by Abir A from Palo Alto

    New Apple pencil has launched in last October. Still the old one's sold for $99! Really disappointing. For those who use iPad for education and learning, this ridiculous price just drives them away from Apple's ecosystem.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor life on the Apple Pencil 2 due to battery and BT pairing

    • Written by Henry S from St. Augustine

    I must say that both the design and the options for dealing with the inherently poor running time/battery life of the Apple Pencil 2 & iPad Pro 10.5" are way less than I expected and was promised at Apple.

    When I bought my iPad, I heard nothing but good things about the combo or the Apple Pencil with the iPad. The reality is that it's a poor performer mostly due to the short life and lack of sleep control of the pencil device. IMO, there should be a away to shut it off automatically and pair it again as was described for me to do manually after each use. I take off TWO STARS in rating the quality of this Pencil as a result of NO POWER CONTROL and SHORT BATTERY LIFE.

    I'LL TAKE OFF ONE MORE STAR FOR APPLE SUPPORT ADVISOR POOR knowledge of this issue which has been mentioned now at many, many (Non-Apple) places. Is this some well-undisclosed feature? I don't think so! I will say that when it's on, the Pencil is quite responsive, though short lived.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Love, hate relationship

    • Written by Brittany D from Presto

    I bought my apple pencil a little over a year ago before starting Optometry school. When it works, it is the BEST thing. It feels just like writing with a real pen and paper. It makes studying so much easier for me. However, after not even a year of having it, it broke and I had to get replaced. Now, it is currently not working again and I am probably going to have to replace it AGAIN. Clearly there are a lot of things that need to be fixed with the quality and durability of this product. For a more expensive stylus I expect and demand better. I hope they can make it with a longer lifespan because it truly does work amazing when it works.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Regret this purchase

    • Written by Melina B from Brooklyn

    I purchased my first iPad this year (iPad 2018) which is one my most prized and life-changing devices I’ve purchased. I also decided to purchase the pencil along with it because I felt it was practical and a eco-friend. I’m a student who became increasingly conscious of how much paper I waste as scrap to draw diagrams or solve problems. I also LOVE using it while I paint my nails or am eating finger foods. The lag is microscopically small so it’s wonderful to write with but I’m not reviewing it for its functionality.

    There are just far too many small details that make owning one such an annoyance that I honestly regret the purchase, even if it made iPad use easier. It’s literally just its physical design. I hate it. I haven’t been able to toss that box it came in because all the required/spare parts are loose; the charging bit (female-female) and an extra tip for the pencil itself when the original wears out, are unsecured. Not even a little pouch or clear baggy. They are very small and misplacing them is inevitable. Second, charging is such a pain because you have to remove the top (which begins to lose its magentism it seems; it comes off much easier now than it did several months ago), place the original top in a secure location while it charges since there is no storage pouch, and wait for it to charge for who-knows-how-long because there is NO way to tell. You also can NOT use it while it’s charging. I was surprised to find it’s unusable while connecting to an Apple adapter! Lastly, I have no where to store this $100 device anywhere. There is no stand-alone pencil holder for this. I either have to put it back in its packaging box or keep an eye on it. Believe me, you WILL get tired of this.

    I don’t want people to underestimate how cumbersome it is OUTSIDE of its functionality. The design isn’t sensible at all. Not an even a cord in which one end connects to the cap and the other to the body of the pencil itself? What about a cap that’s hinged to the pencil? Or having the charging slot within the actual device, like all other devices? I mean really who designed this? This is what Apple employees believed was worth $100, before taxes? How embarrassing. And disappointing. I don’t know if they knew about these obvious deficiencies and let them be, to continue having people purchase their next pencils, one slightly better than the other. Not even interested in the improved version or 2nd Apple Pencil model at this point.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Slippery, zero grip

    • Written by Carlo M from BLACKTOWN

    Too slippery that it's uncomfortable to use. simple solution but shouldnt be needed: cheap rubber band to add grip.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Worked okay while it lasted

    • Written by Jeremy M from West bloomfield

    The stylus was nice until it stopped working only a few months in. Very disappointed with the quality of this one specific product.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Very sensative They don’t last long

    • Written by Abraham H from Nashua

    I love using my ipad pro 12.9 with the apple pencil for art. I use them everyday as I am a tattoo artist. With that said my pencils last maybe a month before they stop working due to dropping i asume. I use them often so yes the roll off the desck etc. At &100 each I spend about that much a month or so to keep replacing. I’m fed up I have a graveyard of useless apple pencils that dont work and today i dropped my pencil and it no longer works. Unfortunatly I cant afford another at the moment so I will return to using a stylus with my pc.

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