• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product with a few Caveats

    • Written by Nicole S from Raleigh

    It's odd, after reading the reviews here, most people fall into two camps, either 1) they love the pencil and the incredible functionality of it overrides any other complaint and these folks like to mention you need to be careful with expensive items so its your fault if you lose pieces or 2) the folks who feel that for the price, it doesn't make sense that Apple does not include some basic controls to attach the pencil to the iPad somehow when its not in use and to prevent the cap loss.

    I am in the mixed camp. No one can argue that the pencil does not do what it is designed to do and it is an amazing tool for drawing and coloring. I am an accountant with absolutely no artistic skill, and I have really enjoyed the Pigment app. However, the pencil is an expensive option, and it does seem that Apple should have included a clip or way to attach to the iPad. Also I do find the pencil rolls off desks and tables even though it is supposed to be weighted so it does not do that. In addition, it is dumb that you have to re-pair it through Blutooth every time you use it by plugging it into the iPad. And that charging situation, my goodness, why it is so complicated without the iPad? And, its dangerous to have your pencil sticking out like that when you do use the iPad to charge. At least charging is fast.

    I bought several after market items to help me address these oversights with the pencil, a pencil case from Amazon for about 10 bucks where I can store not just the pencil but the charging items too, a pencil cozy so the cap doesn't get lost, and a wrap with a magnet through Moxiware so I can attach it to the iPad while doing other things. Everything works fine and I really do love this product.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by MICHAEL H from CHESTER LE STREET

    The one downside of this pencil is that it has to be paired to the iPad each time you switch the iPad on WHY ?

    You don’t have to pair bluetooth devices such as trackpads and mice each time you switch an iMac on.

    This may seem a trivial complaint but plugging the pencil into the iPad lightning connector is a difficult task if you have arthritic fingers !

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love functionality, but easy to lose charger, and cap

    • Written by Nancy E from La Canada

    Love the functionality of the pencil. I have a professional artist friend who is 90 years old, and she was able to create beautiful drawings on her first try. She immediately the put the Ipad Pro and pencil on her Christmas list.

    But when I saw the charging connector and cap, my first thought was I hope I don't lose it. First day, lost the cap. Second day, lost the charging connector. Can't buy replacement parts as of now. Would like the capability of attaching the pencil to the Ipad.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Performance 5*, Pencil 2*

    • Written by Changsu Y from Carlsbad

    Buy the Apple Pencil if you use the iPad and you will have no hassle or compromise. Performance 5*.

    Pencil 2*. No on/off switch (always on) so no control of the battery (iPad lets you know when you have 5% of the juice if you happen to notice). It uses the battery when the Pencil moves even if it is not being used (minimal use when not moved). Should have an indicator Green, Yellow (50%), and Red (25%) so we can plan when to recharge. To recharge, you need to use a tiny 1/2" adapter which is easy to lose because you have to take it off after the charge (for this part, Apple should copy the Adonit's method). Very easy to lose the top cap (cover for the charge connector). No pencil clip so you always have to think about not losing it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Lacking that old Apple magic

    • Written by Stuart S from STAFFORD

    As a device the pencil is simply excellent, but as a practical accessory it falls just a bit short. First there's the end cap - when charging there's nowhere to store it and I'm fully expecting to lose it one day soon as a result. The same goes for the Lightning adapter, unless you carry the Pencil box around with you. The most annoying thing is there's nowhere to store the Pencil. Why couldn't it have a magnetic strip to attach to the iPad Pro? Alternatively the iPad Pro covers could have included a channel or grip for Pencil storage. As it stands you have to carry Pad and Pencil separately which I think is a nuisance and a rare oversight in an Apple product.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I love this - BUT the cap is rubbish

    • Written by Chris D from Bushey

    The Apple Pencil has changed my life. I use it every day with my 12.9" iPad Pro. It is very responsive and works like you are writing on paper. All my work notes are done effortlessly.

    The thing that is so so wrong is the cap. Well, I have lost it anyway. I bought replacements which also have got lost. I now have a thing I found on Amazon which is a cap which is attached to a band around the pencil. Does the trick but does not look great but at least protects the connector.

    Apple - the device is amazing but the cap is a poor design. (Hence one star lost)

    I am a loyal Apple customer with a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro 12.9" and iPad Pro 9.7" so I am being constructive.

    And, if you want to send me a new cap for free I would be very happy!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it - and I'm not an artist

    • Written by Jeanene I from OAK PARK

    I really don't get the complaints about the pencil. I love it. It's super accurate and responsive and I don't think any responsible adult should have trouble keeping up with it. It isn't just for artists - anyone can find it useful. That's silly. And it isn't just a glorified stylus. I don't know how I lived without it before and wish it was compatible with my phone!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost perfect

    • Written by Colin R from Edinburgh

    I bought the iPad pro when it came out in the uk but did not buy the pencil as it was not available to take away at that time. I have now purchased it approx 2mnths later and find it a perfect accessory for the pro. Although it is designed for the pro I personally think if it worked with the iPhone as well and other iPads it would be perfect.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Stylus So Far

    • Written by Stephen C from Laurencekirk

    I've tried a number of stylii for writing on my selection of iPads. The rubber bulb versions are fine for poking at icons, etc. but useless for making notes. Adonit's Jot range is far better - I initially tried the Pro but the disk made it unnatural for writing. The Jot Script was almost there but I had to slow my writing down for the lag; it then started disconnecting at random and became unusable. The Jot Dash, my next purchase, was almost ideal - no wrist protection as it didn't use Bluetooth, and still a bit of lag, but it was comfortable and worked well enough for my note taking.

    However, having got myself the 9.7" iPad Pro and the Pencil, all others fall way. Well enough isn't good enough. This Pencil works as a pencil - naturally. It's comfortable in the hand and has imperceptible lag when writing or sketching. I hate to say it but it just works.

    Why not 5 stars? It lacks a clip and the lightning adapter and cap seem too easy to lose. I've sorted the first issue by adding my own clip (one for the Space Pen, held firmly in place with a patch of white electrical tape - not pretty but it works). Regarding the loose bits, there are tags already on the market to attach them - pity Apple didn't think to get in first. As others have said, a case would have been nice - perhaps a slim one with a pocket clip.

    As is often the case, Apple haven't invited the stylus, they've just made the idea work. Overall, pretty good for the mark I.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Tool, still much room for improvement.

    • Written by William H from Dallas

    This pencil is awesome and I love using it! Here are my suggestions for Apple pencil 2

    - A better charging solution, like magnetically connecting it to the smart connector on the iPad Pro, or add wireless charging.
    - A way to store the pencil alongside the iPad Pro
    - An eraser on the other side of the pencil
    - A grip toward the tip of the pencil for better control

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Issue with tip getting loose but otherwise a great tool

    • Written by Michael B from Novato

    I have had my Apple Pencil and iPad Pro 12" for about two weeks now, and I love both. Recently the pencil would stop working with the iPad despite pairing and charging. I solved my problem when I noticed that the tip had become loose; uncrewing it and screwing it back on restored full functionality of the pencil.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Tool for Artists

    • Written by Karl K from Bethesda

    Having years of experience with Intuos Pro tablets, I was looking for something more portable, as well as the ability to draw directly on screen, like the Cintiq and related devices. Portability was also a major consideration. When looking at options, I was intrigued by the iPad Pro, with its stable of apps such as Procreate and Illustrator Draw.

    Staring out, the pen is quite natural to use. Granted, with the barrel being smooth, the feel is different from most ink pens and stylus options I'm used to, but I got over this quickly. Handling and touch sensitivity are great, and I find the experience to be pretty natural.

    As other users have noted, it may feel a bit unnatural to draw on the bare glass of the iPad. An easy way to deal with this are some of the screen protectors/cases available. I use the Otterbox Defender case, and find that the screen cover gives a bit of tooth, which does help with drawing precision. Another benefit of the Otterbox is that there's an integrated Pencil holder in the cover.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Agree with all the 5 star reviews but...

    • Written by Judd M from Maquon

    My beef with the pencil is that at $99 it still breaks like a #2 pencil. All the guts are still inside and functional, but just barely. It is stored in my pocket on the go as there is nowhere else to put it. Working in the reclaimed wood business things get pretty physical sometimes and I don't always remember to put the Pencil back in the truck. I've never had an apple pruduct scratch, crack, or break, and I've owned just about all of them. That's why this particular crunch was so heartbreaking. I trust those Apple engineers will figure it out.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good, but too slidey

    • Written by Fraser E from Billingshurst

    I love the design of the pencil and its almost as good as Wacom although a bit more expensive. It works great with my iPad and although it sometimes unpairs which is annoying usually works first time and is very easy to use. Unfortunately the glass screen of the iPad is too slide to use the pencil on and I feel as if I have too little control. I am not a particularly seasoned artist and certainly not with digital tools but even for things like note taking I feel like theres not enough control nor tactile surface response.
    Having said that I use it all the time for notes and photo editing and it works a treat, its so easy to carry it around and I feel like I can just chuck it in my bag like my other pencils/pens which I never could with the thick and rubberised Wacom pens.
    I have been considering getting a matte screen protector to help make it feel more paper

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    For the Artist; iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

    • Written by Miranda P from Pittsburgh


    I am a hardcore professional artist, and I have been looking for an alternative to a Cintiq for a while, since I'm always on the go and I need something small. My old 4th gen iPad broke so I jumped at the idea of the Pro and Pencil. I've been using it for a bit, and so far it is very nice.

    The sensitivity and tilt functions are comparable to that of a Wacom Intuos 4, though you get less of a paper feel since it is hard plastic writing on glass. It feels like Apple's version of a mini, portable Cintiq if you use it with Procreate or related high-end drawing apps. I really enjoy it and have done quite a few lovely sketches.

    Pros: attractive simplistic design, charges quickly, portable, decently sturdy, VERY good drawing function (definitely superior to a Bamboo tablet), and you get to draw directly on the screen, so it feels very much like a miniature Cintiq.

    Cons: The pen is made of hard, smooth plastic, so unless you want it to slip out of your fingers, put a rubber gripper on it. ***The pen will NOT function correctly if the nib at the drawing end isn't screwed on tightly. I found this out the hard way. Compared to a Wacom pen it is a little heavy and non-ergonomic, since design came over functionality. So far I have not had a problem with losing pen tips or the cover to the charger, since I am incredibly neat and tidy (but it is still a problem I hear other people having).

    Final impression: If and only if you are an artist will this stylus be worth your money.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Possible fix for pencil not working.

    • Written by Ralph S from WEST SPRINGFIELD

    I’ve had my gen1 pencil for a long time and really like it. Recently, I went to go use it after a long period of not using it and could not get my iPad to pair with it or even have it show up in the list of bluetooth devices. I searched around and found a lot of people had the same issue and just bought replacement pencils assuming their pencil was dead. I was going to go that route myself and then wondered if the pencil just wasn’t charging using an external poswer source and adapter, so I plugged it in to my iPad to try and charge it that way and within a minute a popup appeared telling me the Apple pencil wanted to pair with my iPad. I hit OK and the pencil has been working fine ever since.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good stylus, bad charging

    • Written by Jason S from Pittsburgh

    I like the pencil as a stylus, it feels ok in the hand and I find document annotation to be pretty successful. It'll never mimic writing, of course, because paper has obvious differences in quality. Writing for long periods is tiring, because of the weight of the stylus and the hardness of the iPad surface. But the pencil's interaction with the iPad never gives me problems.

    Except, that is, when the Pencil loses its charge. I've never successfully charged this thing overnight, and it always needs to be connected to the iPad - if I just leave it stationed in an adapter on a wall outlet, it'll be at its same level when I wake up. I always have to insert it into the iPad to wake it up. It's not a huge deal - the thing charges in a few minutes - but it's a minor and persistent annoyance. Apple always wants its users to adapt to its products, and not the other way around. I don't have any love for this thing.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost great

    • Written by PAULA C from Belfast

    It took a while to get used to this pencil. It felt too heavy, the barrel felt too slippery, and the tip had little friction with my iPad Pro 9.7. These problems have gone away. I've been using it to draw almost every day, and love it. It makes lovely lines when I use it with the app Procreate. It is so well suited to how I draw, that it is hard to go back to pen and paper.
    The small pieces: I keep the original box on my desk, and put the pieces in there when I take the cap off to charge it, replace a tip, etc. I have been frightened a couple times when I went to erase, forgetting it was not a pencil with an eraser on the end, to find I had not replaced the cap after charging and was headed towards the surface of the iPad with a sharp exposed charger! But I stopped myself in time. I did scratch the surface of the iPad another way: simply using the pencil properly, but a tiny grain of sand or something was on the tip. I have been more careful about cleaning the screen and pencil since.
    The tip is one reason I took off a star. At times the tip becomes loose just through regular use, and it stops working. You have to go through this and that to figure out why, and finally tighten the tip. Worst, I was drawing along happily when the pencil began to skip. And I found out why they include an extra tip. They wear out! I see from old reviews that tips were not available at first. Now they are-at $17-$20 for a pack of 4!!
    That's expensive. If you don't have a supply on hand, your pencil will be useless.
    Also, my iPad Pro 9.7 is an awful battery hog. So I turn off bluetooth when I am not using it. Every time you turn off bluetooth then turn it on again you have to pair the pencil again by inserting it into the charging port. This is a little lame. The pencil fits very tightly into the port. I am afraid it will wear out the charging port on my iPad Pro. I may just start leaving bluetooth on. But the same thing happens when you turn the iPad off for the day, so you have to insert it every day anyway.
    So, a beautiful wonderful device, but it needs some improvement.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    No Case and No Logo

    • Written by Michael T from Fort Lauderdale

    Not sure what is going on at Apple these days. The stylus itself seems very nice. However it ships in a box with a spare tip, an adapter, and an eraser that pops off revealing a plug used to charge the device. But wow. All three of these tiny little items can get lost very easily. For this kind of money, it seems silly to not include a plastic pencil case in which the pencil and doo-dads can be stored. Makes the experience feel cheap. I took everything out, looked at the items, and immediately wanted a case in which they could be stored.

    Also, and this is a problem with the Air Pods too, there is no Apple Logo on your pencil! Even the cheapest No. 2 pencil has some flair on it with a logo or a name!

    Fit and finish don't seem to matter anymore at Apple. Steve Jobs would not have permitted this sort of laziness.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sensitivity with some design flaws

    • Written by Brad S from Murfreesboro

    I've been taking notes for classes digitally for a few years now, and I have tried all kinds of writing tools to get the "pencil" feel. The I bought the iPad Pro 9.7 and pencil, and honestly it's the first time it's possible to take notes like a real pencil. I use goodnotes with it and love it. It's very responsive with practically zero lag. I write very small and the Apple Pencil allows me to write small and legibly.

    Ok now the design flaws. You have to keep Bluetooth on in order for the pencil to stay constantly linked. I turn it off to conserve battery and in order to use it, once I turn Bluetooth back on I have to insert the pencil for a few seconds. I wish it had a power button and maybe a small LED light set to let me know how much power is left instead of looking at notifications on my iPad to see the battery level.

    I also think for how much it cost apple could have designed it like other tablet pencils to hold the adapter and extra tip. I also wish it wasn't so smooth and it had some grip around the bottoms.

    Besides my opinionated design flaws, I do really like it for taking notes. It's honestly really good with the pro tablets for what it is designed for.

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