• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Superb to use but missing practical features

    • Written by Ann B from CHESSINGTON

    The sensitivity to pressure and tilt angle, the weight, balance, diameter and fine point of this pencil all add up to something that feels superb in your hand and can produce some amazingly beautiful marks.

    I had to wait several weeks for it to arrive after my iPad Pro got here.
    There is no storage in the pencil for the two extra parts which means the box has to go with me everywhere.
    There is nowhere to attach the pencil to the iPad except the rather laughable charging position - hence more use of the box.
    Those of us used to Wacom tablets find ourselves instinctively up-ending it to use the rubber on the other end - only there isn't one..
    It questions my intelligence by telling me it is a pencil on the silver band at the top.

    Having said that, I feel I never want to use anything else. I just hope the replacement tips don't turn out to be needed too often or are too costly. I love my pencil but don't want to have to pay rent on it!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Lacking that old Apple magic

    • Written by Stuart S from STAFFORD

    As a device the pencil is simply excellent, but as a practical accessory it falls just a bit short. First there's the end cap - when charging there's nowhere to store it and I'm fully expecting to lose it one day soon as a result. The same goes for the Lightning adapter, unless you carry the Pencil box around with you. The most annoying thing is there's nowhere to store the Pencil. Why couldn't it have a magnetic strip to attach to the iPad Pro? Alternatively the iPad Pro covers could have included a channel or grip for Pencil storage. As it stands you have to carry Pad and Pencil separately which I think is a nuisance and a rare oversight in an Apple product.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good so far

    • Written by Martin M from Elizabeth

    Matches my Wacom.

    Charging is a bit fiddly, I don't like that I have to plug the thing in. Perhaps v2 could charge via the SmartConnector? At this point, the (Apple) world needs a powered Lightning hub... (-1 point for that)

    Also, as the other review pointed out, it likes to roll off my desk. The size doesn't bother me, but that it likes to escape and drop to the floor is annoying. I get it that edges are not Apple's thing - make v2 slightly oval instead of perfectly round, problem solved.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I am going to lose this thing

    • Written by Matt W from Hayward

    I think by now, anyone buying or about to buy or considering buying this device knows about its technical chops. It definitely surpasses my Cintiq's stylus enough to be noticeable, and leaves any existing ipad styluses in the dust (by a wide margin). Not here to debate any of that. And I do genuinely enjoy drawing with it -- I hope in time the apps and the environment in general will evolve and improve, but time will tell. I don't even miss the, until now, ubiquitous eraser all that much. It'd be nice to have, but the convenience of charging the thing wins out.

    My only real gripe with this product is the fact that Apple seems to have done everything in their power to make it imminently loseable. I WILL lose this pencil, it's only a matter of time. There's no magnetic snapping mechanism to keep it snugly tied to my ipad. Every case I've purchased that gives any consideration to the pencil seems to have done so only as a brief afterthought. My current case, although quite nice and sturdy, secures the pencil with but a mere elastic band that doesn't hold it securely at all. And the thing is completely round, for crying out loud. Most pencils are multisided to prevent them from rolling off your desk every time you set it down. And given that many of us artists work on a slanted surface, the amount of times I've had to pick this thing up off the floor in the short time i've had it is truly staggering.

    Apple, I'm begging you, put that reputation for innovation to use and come up with a way to give us consumers, those willing to pay $100 for a stylus we can only use with a $1200 tablet, the small peace of mind that we're not going to lose it the first time we sit down at a starbucks and hammer out a sketch.

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