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    These Apple cables fray and fall apart within a year, and must be treated carefully, without much flexing. It’s far better to buy a sturdy, and cheaper, third party cable. If you’re using it for travel and other situations where the cable is moved or flexed, go third party.

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    Only USB 2, not USB 3

    It is billed as USB-C, but that only refers to the connector. I had expected it to be USB 3 (for the price!), but it isn't, and that affects the speed. Had I known this, I would not have bought it. Not including this information in the specs is misleading.

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    Good cable, crazy low-star reviewers!

    I see a couple of common themes about the 1-3 star reviews people are leaving about these cables here...

    - WHINING about how this should be included for free with their devices
    - Cables fraying at the strain relief points
    - Intermittent connectivity when bent / flexed a certain way
    - Lack of USB 3.0 speeds on iPhone X / 8 / 8+

    Two of these complaints I don't attribute to Apple putting out an inferior, or poorly made product. I attribute it to people not taking care of their cables! Working on a tech bench, I see day in and day out people coming in with their gear for troubleshooting, and the cables are KINKED, CRUSHED, TANGLED, and generally mangled beyond recognition, and they wonder why it doesn't work?? Start taking better care of your cables by not deliberately kinking or bending them, and you'll find they miraculously last a LONG time! And how about you learn you shouldn't pull on the cables by tugging on them at the strain relief points, but rather by the actual housing? Learn that, and your cables will be A-OK!

    I have yet to have a SINGLE Apple-made cable fail on me in the last 7 years, ranging from the old 30-pin dock connectors, to the new Lightning, to USB-C, whereas I cannot say the same for third-party brands, which have ALL failed, with the exception of Anker cables, who are the only brand who seem to exceed Apple for quality. If you are dissatisfied by Apple cables, go try them instead.

    As for USB 3 speeds, Apple NEVER specified USB 3-class transfer speeds on their iPhone's, so if you took the word of some armchair YouTube star or blogger over official specifications from Apple, and then blamed Apple for not including it, the jokes' on you! iPad Pro 10.5 and 12.9 models support USB 3 speeds, not official for iPhone's, that's it!

    And I'm sorry, but why is everyone wanting to down grade these products down to 1-star because they feel so self-important that Apple should include these for free with their iOS devices? The majority of people who buy an iOS device are still Windows users (like it or not), and the vast majority of PC's out there don't have USB-C or TB3 ports yet, so it's logical Apple would cater to the largest majority first. Stop being so childish and ranking a product down to 1-star because Apple doesn't hand it to you for free!!!

    Now, how about some actual observations of this particular cable?


    - I do get better-than USB 2 speeds to my iPad Pro 10.5 with this cable when connected to my 2017 MBP, so am quite happy there
    - Cable is thicker gauge than previous Lightning cables, something that makes it feel more sturdy and reliable, despite people again WHINING about something that actually makes it better
    - Delivers full 29W USB-C PD to my iPad Pro with not only my Apple charger, but also my Satechi USB-C Travel charger, a big plus!
    - Seems reliable despite attempting to bend it a certain way when plugged in; never loses link to device


    - Odd coating on the cable itself; this is a pet peeve I have with Apple cables, as all their new cables seem coated in this harsh compound which I always have to clean off with a chemical cleaner wipe before I can stand to touch them
    - A little bit on the pricey side, but considering comparable cables from "reputable" third-party manufacturers, such as Anker, are the same cost or only slightly less, can't complain much

    I knock my rating down by one-star because of the cable's being coated in that weird stuff that gives me goose bumps whenever I feel it against my skin. All Apple cables, with the exception of their recent Thunderbolt 3 cable, are coated in it, and the first thing I do when I buy one is wash it off!

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    The best

    The best USB C Cable still looks the same but it’s different

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    Fails after a month. Very expensive and very bad quality.

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    I don't know what to say, it's like any other Apple cable . It works great at first but after several plugs and unplugs the cable head begins to rip. At this point you need to move that darn cable forever before it charges your device. It SHOULD have came EVERY with any Apple device that uses the lighting connecter and be braided. I cant even sink my $1400 iPhone X with my $1800 MacBook without any cheap cable or adapters. WHAT?

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    Piece of junk - three uses before failure.

    Would rate zero stars if possible. Purchased this cable to quick-charge my new iPhone X with Apple's 29W power adapter. People will complain about having to buy a separate cable and charger to benefit from quick charging - I don't see this as a problem. I don't mind shelling out a few extra bucks for a faster charge. Where I do have a problem is when you pay a solid sum of cash for a cable that fails after 3 (three) uses. Ludicrous.

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    Slow sync speed

    I am utterly disappointed with this inexpensive and low quality cable that apple has created. Especially when it has to be use on a Latest macbook pro. USB C is supposed to be high speed transfer and it take quite a while to transfer big files to both my Ipad air, pro and iphone x. 10 GB for around 9 mins. Its definitely not worth a quid.

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    They Don't Last

    I've had a variety of lightning cables over the years, but even the Apple ones at £25 each (!) don't seem to have much life in them. Six months down the line and it's failed — no longer able to register the iPhone when connected. Shame because I like the idea of them over USB (being able to insert them either way), but they're just not as robust. USB would last much longer and cost next to nothing.

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    Fastest charging cable for iPhone X

    This charges much faster than the typical lighting cord. Highly recommend.

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    Do not buy

    As others have stated...DO NOT BUY THIS. It is expensive, and stopped working for me two months after I bought it. TWO MONTHS. What kind of product quality is that? Very disappointed.

    I took good care of this because of the reviews I read. Didn't matter. It now intermittently charges. It'll switch between charging and not 6 times within 10 seconds (and then just stop completely). Thats not annoying when you're trying to sleep.

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    amazing charger

    I love it, it's so fast.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Expensive but great

    The cable is expensive but the built quality is great.

    It's the only cable that will fully enable fast charging on your iPhone 8 or X.
    I wasn't able to find any MFI cable at the moment and all the other I did find were absolute rubbish and weren't able to comply with USB Power Delivery.

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    Split cable

    Very expensive for what it is. The cable also never lasts.

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    Would be nice if Apple would allow MFi 3rd party cables

    typical apple quality, works until it frays. I would much prefer the ability to buy a 3rd party MFi certified cable but apple has yet to allow 3rd party vendors get MFi certification for USB C cables. I can see why, $35 for a cable is crazy. No doubt they would pull all MFi certifications if it wouldn't cause an uproar. Apple is in phase 2 of it's life cycle. Time to maximize profits over customer experience. Next is the fall from grace, I suppose.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great in combination with new MBP

    I bought the cable for synchronization with iTunes on my 2016 13" MacBook Pro. I didn't want to use an adapter. To my suprise I noticed very fast charging up to 80% for my iPhone7 when connected to my MBP. My older iPad Air2 didn't show the same fast charging. If it was due to lack of support of faster charging or just larger batteries taking more time to charge, I don't know. However the fast charging of my iPhone was a positive surprise. I have not experienced any issues with poor connection but I have only used the cable a few times.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Very expensive considering it stopped working after about 4 months. Intermittently works if i bend the cable at certain spots.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Very expensive considering it stopped working after about 4 months.

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    Much like other customers I bought this cable from Apple directly but the lightning side of the cable isn't formed correctly so it pops out super easy and it's almost impossible to get it to charge your phone...

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    Overpriced, underperforming product.

    These cables are the worst and you basically have to buy the "certified Apple" cable to be sure it works. They constantly break, tear and wear out. Really a shameful failure for Apple. Good to know that Apple gets rich selling inferior garbage products, so that's nice.

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