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    Moronic design from Apple. Again!

    It's not enough that you have to turn your Imac around to plug in a USB device or SD card, Apple have now designed a rechargeable mouse that requires you to stop working for a couple of hours while your mouse recharges!.
    One of the most expensive Bluetooth mice on the market (Apple again) and yet some witless designer decided that the only important thing was aesthetics. The recharge socket on the bottom is a perfect example of the arrogance of designers who have no interest in the customer.
    I can only imagine it is a way of ensuring that all apple owners are forced to buy Magic Mouse 3 at some inflated cost when it comes out, assuming it is not designed with some even more stupid feature.
    Goodness Apple, what happened?

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    Change the shape to make it somehow comfortable!!!! Please!!!!!!
    That would make it higher... than you could put the charging port in front and you wouldn't have to ridiculously turn it upside down to charge it.
    Gestures, multitouch... perfect.

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    Works fine

    I like the magic mouse, it works well. True that charging from the bottom is inconvenient but mine stays charged for so long that when I do have to charge it's no big deal. I like how you can flip pages and enlarge pages. I would have given 5 stars but with the charger on the bottom your not able to use it when charging. You would think Apple would have put it in a spot where you could still use during charging. Overall I still like mine.

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    Will not work with 3D

    Since magicprefs no longer works you cannot use this in any application that requires a center click. P.S. Where am I supposed to store all my dongles HAHAHAHA

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    worst mouse I have ever had

    Seriously, I have never had as much trouble with this Apple mouse than all the other ones i have had. I came here to maybe buy another one that might be better but after seeing all the reviews from ppl having the same problems as I have had, I changed my mind...I am going to look for my old mouse to use.

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    Such an improvement on my first Magic Mouse 1. It does everything in a small package and, so far, recharges in a half hour after weeks of use. It does more than I need it to do, but I'll learn as I go. It's convenient yet not needy. This mouse reaffirms my faith in Apple products. It works like magic, fits my hand like a second skin, and looks cool next to my iMac screen. I'd buy two if I had two computers. For me, a nearly perfect product!

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    RSI waiting to happen

    The ergonomics of this monstrosity are terrible.

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    Delete pref mouse and problem persists

    The mouse acts like it can't see movement in certain directions. I delete mouse preferences, 3 weeks later the EXACT SAME problem occurs. Apple is clueless as to why.
    Pretty pathetic that the user has to goto a MICROSOFT MOUSE because the apple mouseII is UNRELIABLE!

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    Worst experience with apple product

    I bought magic mouse 2 on September 29, 2017. first, bad surprise was - lightning cable and charger port on the bottom of the mouse (you can't use while charge). anyway, after 5 months it stopped to work and doesn't answer anymore. I returned to my profile for return or repair and found there only 15 days for return. I paid 111.87$ for nothing. think twice before wasting your money

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    A solid Apple product...with an annoying drawback

    Definitely NOT "the worst" mouse I've ever used. Works very smoothly with a MacBook Pro running the latest beta version of OS X High Sierra. One complaint though--awkward location of charging port does not allow continued use of the mouse while charging which can be annoying if one is working a marathon session burning the midnight oil. Keeping fingers crossed that Apple, in time, will correct this issue.

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    charging spot

    Might as well write a review while I am waiting for my mouse to be charged
    why did apple put charging spot underneath the mouse?

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    Not sure how this one got out the door at Apple

    It's not the worst product I've ever seen, but it's definitely the worst mouse I've owned. Now, let's qualify that. The thing works. It lets you do what you have to do, but it's the little things that Apple overlooked when designing this product. The shortcomings of this product have been heavily chronicled in this thread, but I'll name just a few that really perplex me as I have come to expect design excellence from this company.

    1) It pinches the skin on your fingers. If you let your fingers drape down over the edge of the mouse, and you click it, the upper surface that sits like a thin "turtle shell" on the lower surface, pinches you slightly between the two surfaces. Now, it's not like getting your finger slammed in a car door or something, but it is an unpleasant sensation. Sure, if you hold it "just so," you don't have this problem, but shouldn't you able to let your hand sit upon any mouse in a relaxed fasion, whatever that might be for a given user? This is really unacceptable.

    2) The auto zoom cannot be controlled. Websites that have magnify features are a nightmare. The slightest touch on the mouse causes an unwanted zoom-in or out depending on your hand motion. I have read numerous posts on the net about how to fix this and none of them have worked. In addition, it causes you to scroll through pages on a PDF and like UIs at the slightest touch. It's frustrating as heck. Again, the designer might say, "Well keep your hand off the mouse when reading the PDF." Sure, I could do that, but again, wouldn't better design have prevented this from being an issue? I should be able to place my hand wherever I please.

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    I love it

    Very easy to use! Holds a good charge. I love mine I don’t get the negative reviews

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    Example of poor design

    The mouse has great functionality - the touch sensitive top is a great idea and makes navigating macOS a breeze. However, I there are a couple of reasons that I think it falls well short of expectations.

    The charger being on the bottom is sheer idiocy. I won't belabour that point, as it is obviously silly. Secondly, the profile of the mouse is designed with clean aesthetics in mind, meaning it can be uncomfortable over long periods of use. A more contoured mouse would undoubtedly be more comfortable and fit the hand better.

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    Barely basic

    There is nothing magical about this mouse. At times it would show connected but wouldn’t work. Trying to disconnect and connect again doesn’t work either, you have to connect the mouse to MacBook using loghning cable to make it work again. On top of this, it’s uncomfortabke as well.

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    Such a disappointment!

    I love my original Magic Mouse and was prepared to love this one too. After using it for a few months, the fact that you can charge the batteries from your computer is the only plus I have found. The negatives are that often I must click five or more times--and sometimes even close my window and start over--to get the mouse to do what I want. A simple task like opening an email should not require five clicks!

    I should have been forewarned when the salesman told me that the product could not be returned, but I took a chance anyway.

    I would definitely NOT recommend this product to anyone.

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    Fine but charging spot is not user friendly

    3 hours waiting for my mouse to recharge. Really?

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    Magic Mouse where is the Trick

    The USB cable won't charge, Nothing but Trouble. Warning Message is 5 Minute before it dies. Not sure if its the cable or the Mouse that's the problem. How long does the battery last before you have to replace the Mouse?
    Don't buy it, Its an Apple Joke.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Get a smooth, reliable wired mouse for much cheaper

    Pros: cute, rechargeable.

    Cons: right-click is unreliable, scroll is unreliable, expensive, has to be recharged, and generally subject to all the downsides of a Bluetooth device.

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    I'm really considering ditching rotten apple products. Do they even test this stuff in the real world before release? They are not making my life or production easier.
    Mouse scrolling or even the menu to program is unavailable on 10.9.5
    Other cons are usb charging on bottom of mouse-a brilliantly asinine design.
    Tracking gets stuck or jittery. Their other products and apps are another unhappy story.

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